Second Onyx conflict

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This article is about the battle in the post-war era. For the battle during the Human-Covenant War, see Onyx Conflict.




Second Ark Conflict

Second Onyx conflict
Full cover art of Halo: Legacy of Onyx.
An abstraction of key figures in the second Onyx conflict.



September, 2558[1]


Shield World 006, Zeta Doradus system




Servants of the Abiding Truth


Dural 'Mdama


Several Sangheili

Hundreds of Armigers


On September, 2558, a new conflict was sparked on the Forerunner shield world Onyx after the joint occupying forces of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) and the Swords of Sanghelios came under attack by the Servants of the Abiding Truth, only for both sides to be caught by surprise by the appearance of a Guardian and its armiger complement as part of the wider Created takeover across known space.[2] This marked the second major conflict in the Zeta Doradus system after the three-sided Onyx Conflict in the final months of the Human-Covenant War in late 2552.


Onyx conflict and research[edit]

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Servants of the Abiding Truth incursion[edit]

In September 2558, the Servants of the Abiding Truth managed to gain access to Onyx. After they entered the portal site, they swiftly eliminated all humans in the proximity.[3] Soon after, the Servants found a larger site, where most of their Hesduros forces could be transported to set up and fortify their new encampment at a cathedral.[4] The Servants planned to steal one of the Huragok stationed at a Repository, but the plan failed, leading to the Servants being discovered. Forces from Pax keep searched for the Servants, to no avail.[5]

Created conflict[edit]

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On October 28, 2558, The Reclamation began with the leader of the Created, Cortana, delivering an ultimatum across the galaxy.[6] This message was heard on Onyx in the middle of the night.[7]


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The Servants' new plan was made far more complicated due to the Created uprising and the appearance of a Guardian Custode on Sarcophagus. When the Guardian invaded Onyx, the students at the Pax Institute were brought back inside by Kasha 'Hilot and taken to the lunchroom. Due to the conflict, classes ended early, but the teachers decided not to send their students home right away due to the dangers posed by the Guardian. Some students protested and questioned Kasha on why they couldn't be sent home early, despite some of them living near the institute. Kasha informed them that the school is the safest place for everyone. Some of the students believed they would be safer at home and suggested voting on it. However, 'Hilot told them her decision was final.[8]

As the marines fought the newly-arrived armigers near the Guardian, Spartans stationed on the shield world fought off the armigers in the interior of the city as well as the Servants of the Abiding Truth. Despite their efforts, a squad of Servants' would manage to storm the school in an attempt to find the Huragok Prone to Drift, whom they had been chasing through Paxopolis beforehand.[9] The shield world returned to its slipspace bubble for protection.[10] The Servants' interrogations and executions at the school eventually ended, though only after they captured Prone to Drift and took Asum 'Mdama captive in exchange for the lives of the survivors in the school. Even with the arrival of Spartan Tom-B292, Dural 'Mdama and his forces managed to escape from the school with Asum 'Mdama and the Hurogok, because their hostages gave them an upper hand in negotiations.[11]

After their escape, the Servants of the Abiding Truth returned to the repository with their prisoners for the portal. They were intercepted by Tom-B292 and his companions in front of the portal. In the ensuing battle, Tom-B292 killed several Sangheili, but he was disoriented by a plasma grenade and stabbed in the chest by Dural 'Mdama. The surviving members of biding Truth took their prisoners through the reactivated portal, leaving Molly Patel to come to Tom's aid.[12] Molly Patel, Kareem El-Hashem, and Gudam Keschun followed 'Mdama's forces to rescue Asum and Prone, using two beasts they had found to cause enough chaos for Asum and Prone to escape. Dural 'Mdama was injured in the chaos and left behind by his fellow Servant Kurnik 'Nuusra. Asum 'Mdama attempted to help him, but Dural chose to take on the beasts instead.[13] A Pelican arrived; the dropship took out the one of the beasts, which was about to kill Patel, as well as the remaining Servants that were trying to escape with Prone. The surviving humans all managed to escape alive aboard the Pelican.[14] Finally, Prone to Drift destroyed the Guardian Custode.


Despite the heavy casualties from all three factions in the conflict, the Servants of the Abiding Truth were far from defeated. Upon his return to the Citadel, Dural 'Mdama swiftly killed Kurnik for his betrayal. Dural 'Mdama aimed to rebuild his forces in a Forerunner warship docked on Mackintosh then take the shield world from the humans and the Swords of Sanghelios; then, the Servants intend to use the technology they would recover from Onyx to defeat Arbiter Thel 'Vadam on Sanghelios.[15]

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