Mission to Cleyell

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Mission to Cleyell
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UNSC victory
  • Kig-Yar are defeated, Cleyell civilians rescued

United Nations Space Command

Kig-Yar Pirates




Dozens of Kig-Yar



All Kig-Yar


The Mission to Cleyell was a United Nations Space Command operation to save civilians of the glassed planet Cleyell.


In 2556, a Covenant fringe group glassed the last city of the colony world of Cleyell. Weeks later, the UNSC Cascadia picked up a distress signal on the planet's surface, indicating that they may need to organize a search-and-rescue mission. One of the ODSTs aboard the ship questioned this, stating that any survivors only make it for around a month after a glassing. Holly Tanaka—a sergeant in the UNSC Army's 412th Engineer Command—then revealed that the three survivors from her homeworld's glassing were recovered in 2553, three years later. After hearing her story, Captain French decided to follow Tanaka's advice. However, he also ordered Holly to accompany the group planetside due to her expertise.[1]

The mission[edit]

After the two-man ODST team and Tanaka landed on Cleyell's surface, they found a transmitter wedged down in a crack. When one of the ODSTs asked why someone would stash a transmitter there, the other ODST found a dead civilian with plasma burns in his body.[2]

Tanaka and the ODSTs discovered a partially intact agricultural station in the glasslands. Tanaka deduced that the distress signal must have originated from below the buildings; as there would likely be Kig-Yar snipers posted in the structure itself, no survivor could have escaped along the plains. They made their way into a cave system Tanaka had spotted earlier, with her taking the lead due to her experience. She warned the two ODSTs to remain quiet or the Kig-Yar would execute any prisoners if they heard them coming. As one of the ODSTs stepped forward, the ground gave way and he crashed through into a Kig-Yar-occupied cavern. Tanaka and the other ODST fell down the hole as well and a firefight ensued, with Tanaka and the ODSTs eventually emerging victorious.[2]


In the caves Tanaka found a group of malnourished survivors, who were then rescued aboard a Pelican. After the mission, Captain French was impressed by Tanaka's selflessness and courage, and recommended Tanaka to Jun-A266 as a suitable candidate for the SPARTAN-IV program.[2]


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