Battle of Balaho

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The Reclamation


Second Onyx conflict


Mission to Luna

Battle of Balaho


Created conflict


October 29, 2558 or after


Balaho, Tala system


Created victory

  • Romeo retrieved
  • UEG embassy destroyed and staff executed

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In late 2558, after The Reclamation a battle ensued on the Unggoy homeworld of Balaho.[1]


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After escaping Genesis to Sanghelios, Edward Buck and other survivors managed to board the UNSC Infinity. While on there, Veronica Dare approached Buck with orders to reform Alpha-Nine in order to and ally with the United Rebel Front. Their first step was retrieving former member Kojo Agu.[2]


A group of Created allied Unggoy stormed the UNSC embassy in the city of Gedgow. These Unggoy captured the staff and forced Romeo to retreat from the situation.[1]

After a few hours of travel, Foxtrot 111 emerged from Slipstream space a bit away from Balaho. Their first action was to try and raise comms with Romeo to find where he was on the planet. They eventually did find Romeo, who informed them of the embassy staff.[3]

The staff were being moved from the embassy to the Kabakera, the former seat of the Unggoy government.[4]


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After getting Kojo Agu, the trio escaped into slipspace and plotted how they were going to accomplish their next goal: freeing Vergil from a facility on Luna.[5]

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