Raid on UNSC Infinity

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This article is about the New Colonial Alliance raid during the Insurrection post-war resurgence. For Jul 'Mdama's Covenant attack during the Requiem Campaign, see Invasion of the UNSC Infinity.


Raid on Installation 08


Assault on Vadam

Raid on UNSC Infinity
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UNSC Infinity, Sol system's Oort cloud


UNSC victory


United Nations Space Command

New Colonial Alliance


Captain Andrew Del Rio
Commander Thomas Lasky

Ilsa Zane


Light, several crew members on S-Deck



"We are outnumbered and we are outgunned but our spirit is stronger. Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won with soul."
Ilsa Zane inspiring the rebels under her command[1]

The Raid on UNSC Infinity was an attempted take-over of the UNSC Navy's experimental flagship, the UNSC Infinity, by the New Colonial Alliance in the Sol system's Oort cloud in 2553.[1]


Unknown to the UNSC, Admiral Mattius Drake had become the leader of an Insurrectionist group known as the "New Colonial Alliance". The insurgent group recruited Ilsa Zane, a former SPARTAN-IV that sought revenged against the UNSC after failed augmentation procedures led to her instability.[2] At some point the Insurrectionists managed to steal plans of the Infinity. Wanting to take the ship for themselves before the UNSC could use it, Zane led an attack group to commandeer the ship.[1]

The raid[edit]

Ilsa Zane led a team of Insurrectionists to the Infinity in a Ibis-class freighter, wearing outfits that disguised them as UNSC construction workers. The rebels landed in one of the Infinity's hangar bays, and made their way throughout the ship to await further orders. They snuck on board and took Captain Andrew Del Rio hostage. They immediately went to the bridge, where she was instantly recognized by Aine, the ship's temporary AI. Zane quickly took Aine offline and proceeded to take control of the ship. However, at the time of the raid, Jun-A266 and Thomas Lasky were giving SPARTAN-IV recruits a tour of the Infinity. Zane threatened to depressurize the ship and kill everyone aboard if anyone tried to retake the bridge. Though they were not officially authorized, Jun allowed the SPARTAN-IVs to access the MJOLNIR armor stored on the ship in order to retake the bridge.[3]

Eventually, Zane depressurized S-Deck, killing several UNSC personnel. With the Spartans' help, Lasky was able to reach a security panel and input override codes, which gave Del Rio and the other officers access to the bridge. Spartans Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis made their way to the bridge of the Infinity through space. Eventually, the duo reached Zane. As they breached Infinity's bridge, Ilsa Zane fought Palmer one-on-one, while Davis fought the other Insurrectionists. Zane's augmentations allowed her to be an equal fighter to Palmer, despite the latter's armor. In the ensuing fight, Del Rio brought Aine back online, who then activated the ship's containment doors. Palmer then knocked Zane out a containment door and into space. The remaining insurgents were captured and interrogated by the UNSC.[2]


However, Zane survived the vacuum of space due to her physical augmentations, and was later recovered by an unidentified prowler. Upon awakening, she was met by an unknown individual, whom she recognized and was surprised to see. The interrogation of the captured insurgents revealed to the UNSC that Drake was part of the New Colonial Alliance. The raid also led to the formation of a new UNSC branch, the Spartans.[2]

Five years later, NCA forces led by Daniel Clayton would attempt to destroy Infinity near Oth Lodon.[4]


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