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25th century

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2490 was a year in the 2490s in the 25th century.




  • Human space encompasses more than 800 worlds throughout the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy (ranging from fairly well-tamed planetary strongholds to tiny hinterland settlements). Outward expansion continued, and the Inner Colonies become a political and economic stronghold, though they rely heavily on raw materials supplied by the Outer Colonies. During this period, the planet Reach (orbiting Epsilon Eridani, right on Earth's metaphorical doorstep) becomes the UNSC's primary Naval yard and training academy. Reach is a major producer of warships and colony vessels, as well as a training ground for covert operatives and Special Forces.[2]
  • 007 Contrite Witness, Monitor of Installation 02, contacted Installation 00 for a status update.[3]


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