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SinoViet Heavy Machinery
Icon of the SinoViet Heavy Machinery manufacturer in Halo Infinite.
SinoViet Heavy Machinery logo.

SinoViet building.jpg
A SinoViet building in New Mombasa.

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SinoViet Heavy Machinery is a human vehicle and ship manufacturing company.[1]



SinoViet created road vehicles for civilian use, with SinoViet trucks being considered a ubiquitous sight on human worlds.[2] The company also built and disassembled spacecraft.[3] They had facilities on a number of human worlds, including Earth,[4] Reach,[3] and Andesia.[5]




Planetary vehicles[edit]






The company had facilities in the following cities and locations:

Planet Location Facility Name/Facility Role
Earth New Mombasa
Reach New Alexandria SinoViet Center
Asźod Asźod ship breaking yards
Naval Yard AS-9
Andesia Noctus


Human-Covenant War[edit]

Late in the war, SinoViet would work with Chalybs Defense Solutions to create the S-930 Pegasus as a competitor in the Emergency Defense Fighter initiative.[9]

SinoViet Naval Yard AS-9 was responsible for constructing the Stalwart-class frigate UNSC In Amber Clad alongside fifteen other frigates in 2547.[10]

During the Fall of Reach, the SinoViet Center in the city of New Alexandria[11] and SinoViet's ship disassembling facility in Asźod, became battlefields.[3]


In 2556, SinoViet was one of many companies placed under "Active Investigation" by ONI after the Sedra terrorist attack.[12]


  • The name of the company comes from the words Sino and Viet, which are also names for China and Vietnam respectively, leading to the logical conclusion that the company is based in Southeast Asia. Also supporting this is the fact the top floor of the SinoViet Center on Reach has an Oriental theme.
  • SinoViet boxes can be seen on The Storm level in Halo 3, and in its following level, Floodgate. The SinoViet logo can also be found on the sides of a few cylindrical tanks also on the level Crow's Nest. A few SinoViet-owned buildings can also be seen in Halo 3: ODST.
  • In Halo: Reach, the SinoViet logo is different as seen on the SinoViet Building in New Alexandria and can be seen all around the Asźod ship breaking yards. The logo consists of a green arrow head pointing downwards surrounded by a larger, white arrow head, also pointing downyards.[3][11]


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