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Landscape at Asźod during the Fall of Reach

Asźod was an arid, mountainous,[1] barren and unpopulated territory[2] in Ung, Alfold on the Eposz continent of Reach. The territory was home to several industrial facilities, including a ship-breaking facility, where the UNSC Pillar of Autumn was dry-docked on August 30, 2552 during the Fall of Reach.[3]


Ship deconstruction[edit]

Sometime between 2525 and August 2552, the UNSC Commonwealth was under deconstruction within the shipyards.[4] As well, the Reach Tourism Board chose the plains at Asźod for their "Escape." ad.[5]

Fall of Reach[edit]

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During the final stages of the battle, Asźod was the only off-planet extraction point left on the continent.[6] It was the site of the Battle of Asźod, where Emile-A239 died and SPARTAN-B312 made a last stand after successfully delivering a fragment of Cortana to Pillar of Autumn. The Spartan-III stayed behind to defend Autumn from a massive Covenant air assault, including by a Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser.[3] He was killed in action elsewhere in the territory, having been overwhelmed by Covenant infantry.[7]

Other than the ship-breaking yards, Asźod also appeared to be used for transport of natural resources, evident by large pipe-lines spreading across the landscape. A small set of warehouses in between two gas pipes was where many dead Spartans were found.[7]

Post-war years[edit]

In 2589, Asźod appeared to be the location a UNSC colony ship landed at to colonize the reterraformed Reach once again.[7]


It is named after Aszód, a town in present-day Hungary.


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