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A battle group, sometimes rendered as battlegroup, is an organization of ships that is generally smaller than a fleet. Battle groups are usually created on a temporary basis, with a specific mission or to accomplish a specific task.[1][2][3] The term applies to both UNSC and Covenant naval groups.[4]


Battle groups are usually commanded by an admiral, though there have been instances of smaller battle groups being led by captains.[2] Each battle group is assigned a number or a code name.[5] A UNSC battle group whose flagship is a carrier is referred to as a carrier group.[6] By 2552, all UNSC battle groups had a prowler assigned to their ranks, to provide electronic intelligence and to gain an advantage over the enemy by laying minefields.[7]

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Known UNSC battle groups[edit]


Although the Covenant organize smaller fleet units on a temporary basis similar to UNSC battle groups, their naval doctrine identifies such units as fleets rather than battle groups; for example, the Fleet of Sacred Consecration was still identified as a fleet despite only consisting of 15 ships.[8] Instead, the term "battle group" is applied to certain tactical formations of Covenant ships that are part of a larger fleet;[9] for example, the Fleet of Particular Justice had several "CCS-class battle groups", each consisting of three CCS-class battlecruisers.[10] Similar to the naming of their ships and fleets, the Covenant themselves often derived the naming of their battle groups from their religious nomenclature.[9]


The funding of the SPARTAN-II program, including their MJOLNIR armor and training, cost about as much as a battle group.[11]


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