Battle Group Phi

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Battle Group Phi against the Covenant.

Battle Group Phi was a formation of the UNSC Marines that served during the Harvest campaign in 2531.[1]


On February 4, 2531 during an engagement with a Covenant armored force near Harvest's northern pole, Battle Group Phi was part of the initial trial of the HRUNTING Mark III [B] Cyclops. During this engagement several M808B Scorpions were used. The Battle group was also assisted by SPARTAN-II supersoldier Keiichi-047 who charged the Covenant's position, killing several Sangheili and Unggoy with his AIE-486H machine gun. Upon reaching the Covenant's main line he hijacked a Wraith and used it against the remaining Covenant forces.[1]

After the engagement Keiichi reported COM glitches due to the upgrades to his neural interface which Serina, Spirit of Fire's onboard artificial intelligence, had devised.[1]

Captain Jenkins later in the day debriefed to Captain James Cutter that they were wiping up the remnants of that group of Covenant in the area, noting it was unusual that the Covenant were committing forces without any logistical support.[1]



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