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Biographical information


c. 2511





Political and military information



At least Petty Officer, Second Class[1]

Service number:



Keiichi-047 is a SPARTAN-II supersoldier of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. He served during the Harvest campaign in February 2531.[2]

Near the end of the campaign Keiichi aided the Marines of the UNSC Spirit of Fire during an engagement with a Covenant armored force near Harvest's northern pole. Keiichi charged the Covenant's position, killing several Sangheili and Unggoy with his AIE-486H machine gun. Upon reaching the Covenant's main line he hijacked a Wraith and used it against the remaining Covenant forces, quickly turning the tide of the skirmish in the UNSC's favor.[2]

After the engagement he reported COM glitches due to the upgrades to his neural interface which Serina, Spirit of Fire's onboard artificial intelligence, had devised.[2]

Keiichi had been listed as MIA as of March 3, 2558.[3] Whether his MIA status is genuine or actually obscures his death per ONI Directive 930 is unclear.


  • Keiichi's profile image on the Halo Wars website actually depicts Jerome-092 during the raid on the Apex site.[2]
  • Judging from his name, it is possible that he was of Japanese descent.


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