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This is about a UNSC destroyer. For other uses, see Majestic (disambiguation).
Ship history
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Active as of August 30, 2552[1]


Destroyer[1][Note 1]


160cm rapid-fire Magnetic Accelerator Cannon[1][Note 1]


UNSC Majestic is a destroyer in the UNSC Navy.[1][Note 1]


Design details[edit]

Majestic is a destroyer of unknown classification. It is equipped with a rapid-fire 160 centimetres (63 in) Magnetic Accelerator Cannon,[1][Note 1] making it unlikely to be a Halberd-class light destroyer - which is equipped with a twin-linked 1170mm/647mm MAC battery.[2]

During a radio communique called by Alpha 20 during the Fall of Reach, Majestic was described as having a "five-zero one-hundred-sixty charlie mike" - with the latter section presumably referring to the measurement of the MAC's breach.[1][Note 1] The five-zero may be a measurement of caliber - if so, this would give the Majestic's MAC a caliber of 50 - or a barrel length of 80 metres (260 ft). When rendered, this would give Majestic a caliber notation akin to 50/160cm, as noted by Alpha 20.

Service history[edit]

During the Fall of Reach on August 30, 2552, Majestic was called in to perform an orbital strike on three Covenant cruisers over Reach with its MAC. Despite Spartan Beta Red Team being in the splash zone, Majestic was authorized to fire on the Covenant vessels, destroying all three vessels and creating a massive crater in the ground. The impact presumably killed the Spartans.[1][Note 1]

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