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Acceptable overkill
Basic information
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Max J B





About me

probably one of the more gun nutty Canadians you will find, i'm in university right now and i am a huge Halo fan. i'm also currently very annoyed with Call of Duty Black Ops over it's d**k sucking terrible spawn system that alone makes the game far inferior to any Halo.

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Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

The entirety of the level "The Covenant" in Halo 3, which is hands down my favourite Halo game and was the first one i ever bought.

Worst Halo moment

Lag filled games of team slayer on Avalanche when the Legendary map pack first came out. Don't get me wrong, i love those maps, i just hate the K/D killing lag.

Anything else

i'm an avid forum poster of HBO and, i've made fan fics about different Halo characters, namely Spartan-119(my fave number[9-1-1=7]) and an ODST CQB specialist niccknamed "Hotshot".

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