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"…and if they don't hunt us down and blast us out of the sky, we set coordinates for Warial; it is the farthest-flung of our colonies."
— Ceretus[1]

Warial, along with Soirapt and Teash, is one of the three natural satellites orbiting Doisac, the Jiralhanae homeworld and the third planet in the Oth Sonin system.[2] In early Jiralhanae history, their loosely held religion was based on the lunar cycles of Warial and the other two moons, as they perpetually haunted Doisac's skyline.[3] Warial is known to have bodies of water which Jiralhanae sail across and storms of slow, blue lightning are not uncommon. These aforementioned bodies of water are the sites of graves.[4]

Warial, along with Teash, is a Jiralhanae colony. Raider lairs are present on the moon.[5] Warial is noted for being the most far flung of the Jiralhanae colonies. While hunting humans on Beta Gabriel in 2552, Ceretus hoped his clan would be able to hide away on Warial and blend in to avoid punishment for fleeing from the Fall of Reach.[1] By September 2558, clans on Warial were starving, which prompted the chieftain, Hekabe, to attempt to seize more power for the sake of his people.[6]

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