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Armory Infinitum is a series of flash fiction hosted on Halo Waypoint's Canon Fodder. Each entry depicts a weapon—usually a Legendary variant weapon—from Halo Infinite.

List of entries[edit]


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The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

Arcane Sentinel Beam[edit]

Thav 'Sebarim on Installation 07.

Kaidon ‘Sebarim,” a voice called, and a red-armored Sangheili enforcer approached. “I bring ill news.”

Thav ‘Sebarim, clad in the dark maroon armor that identified him as a Bloodstar, a special warfare unit that had been appropriated from the Covenant into the ranks of the Banished military schema, watched as a trio of Banshees passed overhead and disappeared into low white clouds on their scouting run.

In his hands, 'Sebarim carried a sentinel beam that had been found during one of his excursions to the ring’s substructures—the vast, metal underworld that lay below the natural edifice of the ring’s verdant surface. This directed energy weapon was much like the ones integrated into standard sentinel units, but the enforcer had been awed by the effectiveness of its use—how it so quickly disintegrated its targets, as if they had been totally cleansed from existence.

“What is the problem?” ‘Sebarim asked.

The enforcer straightened, decades of discipline from Covenant military service had long ago become second nature to him, though he allowed his eyes to wander to the group of half-a-dozen human captives held by 'Sebarim's Jiralhanae entourage.

“The Inspector informs me that the Redoubt of Sundering is full,” he spoke. “There is no more room for the spoils of today’s hunt.”

“Ah,” ‘Sebarim gestured to the enforcer to come closer. “We have been gluttonously spoiled with prisoners since Tremonius claimed their ruined frigate.”

The enforcer dipped his head in agreement. The attack on the UNSC Mortal Reverie had scattered the survivors to the winds, but the checkpoints and fortifications set up by the Banished had effectively transformed this area of the ring into the perfect hunting ground.

Humans were tenacious when faced with limited options. Some simply chose to hide and had to be flushed out from their cowardly retreat, others attempted to form larger groups to conduct attacks on various targets of value. The only other option that remained for them was to leap into the abyss at the sundered edge of the ring.

“What do you intend to do?” asked the enforcer.

“Release them, of course,” ‘Sebarim said, and the Bloodstar warrior’s grip on his weapon tightened.

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Backdraft Cindershot[edit]

The Backdraft Cindershot in a room on Installation 07.

D: Ferrarius [legatio] grow ever more eager in their designs as the ecumene council’s formal declaration of war with the humans becomes increasingly inevitable. Edifying Apparatus’s proposition for expansion of the armiger constructs’ neural framework certainly has interesting potential for [conscensis] operations.

B: Of particular note from their [ostentus] was a splinter-munitions launcher that proved to be effective. Its release of hyper-charged splinter core packets culminates in an impressive detonation, but its additional capabilities are sure to be utilized well by your armigers at range...

D: You are tempting my intrigue, [praeceptor].

B: The splinter core can be directed by the wielder in order to decide where its area of [interitus] is best placed. A launcher with such capabilities will be useful given what is known of the construction method of human vessel interiors.

D: I would greatly desire to appraise this weapon myself.

B: Worry not, old [discipulus]. I have already requisitioned a specialized variant for your personal use...

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Duelist Energy Sword[edit]

A screenshot of Okro 'Vagaduun holding his energy sword on Zeta Halo.

“I know why you have come.”

Okro ‘Vagaduun’s grip tightened on the hilt of his blade as he and his opponent circled each other.

He had no desire to kill his old master, for Toha ‘Sumai was one of the most respected swordsmen and duelists of Sanghelios, but he understood what Atriox sought to teach him. To join the Banished was to sever one’s ties to the past. To reject honor, the very core of a Sangheili’s being, for payment would come in sport and spoils—not sentiment.

To join the Banished was to have loyalty to none but Atriox. It was for this reason alone that Toha ‘Sumai must die.

Okro ‘Vagaduun wished to say that he regretted what must be done—that he held fondness for his aged mentor, and that he would take up the enhanced energy sword that was to be his bounty and do great things...

But he said nothing as he ignited his own blade and ran his old master through.

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M392 Bandit[edit]

The first voice to speak came from a human armed with confidence, or perhaps brazen foolishness—it was often hard to tell the difference.

“It looks like we've got a problem, boys...”

He was flanked by three Kig-Yar raider, a mix of Ruuhtian and Ibie’shian clad in telling red-gray colors.

“Know how we settle problem on Karava,” one of the Kig-Yar squawked.

“You give Banished bad information,” another chimed in. “We give Banished your head.”

The human and his Jackal companions grinned in their own ways as they focused on the target of their ire: a Sangheili informant who finally had nowhere else to run.

But before they could make their next move, the Elite erupted into raucous laughter, using the split-second distraction of the group exchanging slightly puzzled looks to fling himself into cover and unsling the weapon he carried on his back.

Three opening shots sounded from an M392 Bandit, each one finding its mark on the heads and necks of the Kig-Yar before a fourth sent the Banished cadre's human leader to the ground clutching his knee. Their saurian target studied the rifle approvingly for a moment before slinging it over his back once more and approaching the grimacing survivor, pressing his hoof onto the wound to keep him both still and uncomfortable.

“You will live, human,” he spoke, arranging his mandibles into an unmistakably wide grin. “At least, until you deliver the message to your superiors that Zef ‘Trahl will not be so easily slain.”

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Purging Shock Rifle[edit]

Halo Infinite screenshot of a Banished hologram of the Shock Rifle


As the Banished looks to extend its reach beyond the shadowed corners of the galaxy we have remained hidden in, Atriox has expressed his desire to bring new kinds of weaponry to bear—the kind that was spoken of in the old stories across the three moons. It was for this purpose that Sicatt Workshop was born, and thus far rudimentary efforts to harness directed-energy electrolasers recovered from old vaults on Doisac have delivered... satisfactory results.

But I see this as just a template. A foundation.

The manufacturers deliver me a weapon that fires three bursts—I say, why not five? Voltaic application devices are still experimental in nature, let us see how much power they can truly offer as we explore the truth of their limits. The Gray Guards are already eager to test this new firepower on the field as Escharum seeks to convene the Legionmasters for a new operation. I want these weapons to match precision and power to take down the shields of a human strike fighter.

In time, perhaps we can even mount such a weapon onto our ships... overload enemy systems to aid in ramming and boarding maneuvers...

Let it never be said that a Jiralhanae lacks the ambition to explore what can be achieved through our minds as well as our might.

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Scatterbound Heatwave[edit]

The Scatterbound Heatwave in a room on Installation 07.

The heatwave shuddered and whirred as it reloaded, before kicking back into Salient-Lance's grip. The first shot took two of them out, energized shards of hardlight ricocheted off the alloyed bulkhead and tracked their targets with remarkable accuracy, disintegrating them. He fired the weapon twice more as he heard more of them coming.

By the Mantle, there were so many of them...

The wounded Scutarii struggled to shift the immense support beam that had crushed his leg as his armor’s ancilla attempted to dull his mind to the pain. He wished he had better cover.

He wished they had simply destroyed the vessel from the comforting distance of their dragoon.

And, as they turned the corner, prompting Salient-Lance to switch the heatwave to its horizontal firing mode, he wished he wasn’t the last one left.

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Volatile Skewer[edit]

Ik'novus on Installation 07.

The campfire crackled and the illumination from the flames danced around the mouth of the cave, casting a half-light on Avitus’s face as he sharpened the blade of a speargun. A fitting farewell gift for a great warrior.

As the thudding of footsteps drew closer, Avitus knew the time had come.

Escharum tells of a time before the Covenant,” Avitus said. “Of the old stalker packs, before they were appropriated by the Prophets.”

Ik’novus set down the chunks of wood he had collected from the nearby forest and tossed two fresh logs onto the fire before taking a seat. His chieftain had seen fit to leave a serving of dengkra breast for him—the flesh of this creature, a strange kind of reptile-canine, was gamey even for a Jiralhanae’s sense of smell, but Avitus considered the taste of the meat second only to thorn beast.

“They hunted creatures of myth across many moons with these spearguns,” Avitus finished sharpening the weapon’s blade and held it up to the light to scrutinize his work before concluding, “And now you shall do the same.”

“I am honored, chieftain.” Ik’novus accepted the weapon and ran two clawed fingers across its surface, which had been painted white with pigments from the chalk fields of Warial. Upon closer examination, the harpoon appeared to be modified with an explosive—designed to detonate upon penetrating armor.

“We have unleashed the full measure of our fury upon all who stood in our way,” Avitus said. “But now, Escharum and Atriox call for us to direct our efforts towards more specific targets. You shall serve the war chief’s wishes well as Bloodstar.”

The two warriors sat for a while in quiet contemplation, reminiscing about battles of the past, casting their minds ahead to the greater battles to come, and sharing a final toast to the fallen—honoring the crypt-haulers that would ferry the souls of the dead in Oth Sonin. And as first light broke over the horizon, they bade a final farewell.

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