Kig-Yar targeting headgear

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The headgear shown from the front-left.

The Kig-Yar targeting headgear is a piece of Covenant technology utilized by Kig-Yar Snipers.[1] It is smart-linked to their weapon, which provides the user with zoom and other additional targeting capabilities.[2] However, it also places the wearer at a disadvantage, as its targeting lights can be easily seen, threatening to expose the wearer.


Halo 3[edit]

In Halo 3, the device is an angular piece of metal that covers only the left side of the user's face. Three small lenses protrude from the left side, presumably to aid in targeting. Although the lights on the helmet allow the sniper to be easily seen, they only light up when they have found a target, forcing the player to put themselves at risk if they wish to know where the Jackal is.[3]

Halo: Reach[edit]

In Halo: Reach, the device is more curved and covers less of the user's face. In addition, a blue Covenant glyph is visible covering the right eye.

Halo 4[edit]

In Halo 4, the device now covers the user's entire face. It has one cyclopean eye lens in the middle front that glows red-pink and overall the headgear resembles a full helmet. The light can be seen from quite a distance, making snipers easier to spot. This variant is also seen in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, indicating that it has been in use since the start of the Human-Covenant War.

Halo 2: Anniversary[edit]

In Halo 2: Anniversary, the device is much more goggle like and no longer covers the entire head. The device covers both eyes and glows.


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