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Infantry power armor

A Jiralhanae Minor employing the lightest variant of the infantry power armor.

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Jiralhanae power armor


General combat[1]

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Infantry power armor[Note 1] is a variant of the Jiralhanae power armor employed by Jiralhanae Minors, Majors and Ultras of the Covenant military, and several remnant factions.


Design specifications[edit]

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Like other Jiralhanae power armor variants, the armor employed by Jiralhanae infantry does not amplify the strength or speed of the wearer, but does provide energy shielding and protection in the form of composite armor plates.[1] The infantry power armor features an open helmet and light armor plating covering the torso and lower legs, with Majors and Ultras additionally sporting armor plates on the shoulders and knees. Underneath the armor appears to be a padded cloth undersuit of some variety.


The infantry variant of power armor has several different looks, depending on the rank of the individual Brute wearing the armor. Standard Jiralhanae Minor infantry only wear a helmet, chestplate and lower leg armor in a turquoise colouration, and must compete for their gear alongside their postings.[2] Jiralhanae Majors don additional shoulder pads, upper leg and knee armor and a blue colouration, while Jiralhanae Ultras sport the same armor as their Major counterparts with a blue-purple colour.


Minor power is employed by Brute infantry forces for general combat roles.[1] It was employed by the Brutes of Maccabeus' clan during the First Battle of Harvest at the outset of the Human-Covenant War in 2525,[3] and later by Jumper Brutes serving the "Thrallslayer" at the Battle of Trove in 2531.[4] Despite these early appearances, Jiralhanae employing powered armor systems continued to be a rare sight as the war dragged on, and power armor was rarely seen until 2552. By October 20, brute infantry assigned to the Prophet of Regret's fleet and the remnants of Truth's fleet employed Minor power armor, with it seeing use during the Battle for Earth.[5] Following the onset of the Great Schism, the Covenant saw a wide proliferation of Jiralhanae arms and materiel, and powered armor systems became more widespread, becoming heavily used in the later stages of the Battle for Earth and the Battle of Installation 00.[6]

Following the end of the war, Jiralhanae infantry continued to wear power armor in the Post-Covenant War conflicts.[7]


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  1. ^ This name is not officially given in an official source, and is derived from the grouping of "Brute Infantry" in the Halo 3 post-game statistics, all of whom employ the armour in question. Should an official name be presented, this article should be renamed appropriately.


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