Jiralhanae armor

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The Jiralhanae employ a wide range of armor for fighting.


Jiralhanae armor can be fairly diverse, depending on the individual and pack employing it. Many Brute infantry, typically those of Minor rank, employ little to no armor save for a small cap covering the upper head.[1][2][3] Of those that do employ more extensive armor protection, this armor can be shown in the form of heavy, thick plating with angular and brutalistic visual appearances. Some Jiralhanae employ a padded cloth undersuit beneath their armor, while others may employ a layer of chain mail to assist in close-quarters combat. Jiralhanae officers, such as Captains, typically employ a distinctive V-shaped headdress on their helmet.

Jiralhanae armor does not typically employ energy shielding, with the exception of the power armor employed by the forces serving the Prophet of Truth in 2552.

Armor variants[edit]

Algolis armor[edit]

This armor was worn by Atriox and his pack during the Algolis Invasion, under Covenant servitude. This armor is donned in a blue-purple paint and is noticeably rounded and segmented, with a chain undersuit.

Fall of Reach armor[edit]

These armor designs were seen employed by the Jiralhanae forces involved with the Siege of New Alexandria and Battle of Asźod during the Fall of Reach. Like the armor seen worn during the Great Schism, this armor is not energy shielded and is fairly minimal, leaving large swaths of skin exposed. However, this armor design also blends in elements of the power armor later worn during the final weeks of the war, notably in the Captains' distinctive helmets and shoulder plating. Chieftains employing this armor style are especially well-armored, bearing a chain undersuit and energy shielding.

Pre-Great Schism armor[edit]

Jiralhanae serving under Tartarus leading up to the Great Schism and its first days, among other events, bore little in the way of armor, with even Captains and the Chieftain Tartarus himself bearing almost no equipment beyond the odd shoulder plate or bandolier. These Jiralhanae wear small cap-like helmets similar to the ones used in the Fall of Reach, with Captains employing a small holographic red flag.

Powered armor[edit]

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Employed widespread by Brute forces during the Battle for Earth and Battle of Installation 00 in the final month of the war following their promotion to leaders of the Covenant military, and used rarely in limited capacity prior, Jiralhanae power armor offers far more protection - though contrary to what its name suggests - does not augment its wearer's strength or speed like the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor and harnesses employed by Spartans and Sangheili warriors, respectively. The powered armor is typically seen in an iridescent blue, purple, gold, red or brown colouration depending on rank, and incorporates design cues of the Jiralhanae Captains' armor from the Fall of Reach.

Banished armor[edit]

The Banished employ several variants of armor distinct from those employed by the Covenant. Banished armor is typically more box-like, with a red, grey and white colour scheme to match.

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