Ossoona harness

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Ossoona harness
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Production overview


Sangheili harness


The Ossoona harness is an armor set of the Sangheili.[1]



The Ossoona harness is employed by the eponymous Ossoonas, a Sangheili military role deployed to act directly as the eyes and ears of the Prophets in the field during the time of the Covenant.[1]

In-game information[edit]

Halo 3[edit]

The Ossoona harness is unlockable as an armor permutation for Elite characters in Halo 3, exclusively as part of Series 7: Elite. It was one of a number of Sangheili harnesses intended to appear in Halo Online, referenced in game files under the name "Istirus".

Piece Description Unlock requirements
(Halo 3)
Unlock requirements
(Halo: MCC)
HTMCC H3 Ossoona Helmet Icon.png
One of the harness patterns favored by the "Eyes of the Prophets," many who once held this title are now considered enemies of the keep for traitorous actions during the Great Schism. N/A (MCC-exclusive) Series 7: Elite Tier 5, Spartan Point 1
HTMCC H3 Ossoona Chest Icon.png
Series 7: Elite Tier 21, Spartan Point 1
HTMCC H3 Ossoona RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Ossoona LShoulder Icon.png
Series 7: Elite Tier 65, Spartan Point 1
HTMCC H3 Ossoona Forearm Icon.png
Series 7: Elite Tier 42, Spartan Point 1
HTMCC H3 Ossoona Leg Icon.png
Series 7: Elite Tier 58, Spartan Point 1


List of appearances[edit]

  • Halo 3 (First appearance; Halo: The Master Chief Collection-only)


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