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Fighting skin
Dhas Bhasvod on the cover of Halo: Divine Wind.
Production overview


Prelate combat powered armor

Technical specifications



A fighting skin is a suit of armour created for use by the San'Shyuum prelates.[4]


Design details[edit]

The suits are made of Graphene, and contain air scrubbers capable of drowning out the smell of the pheromones emitted by Jiralhanae warriors.[2] The suits also contain automatic repair functions, which can automatically-repair holes in the suit over a period of multiple days, though during this time the suit lacks the power to make communications.[3] Fighting skins are also able to hide their operators from infrared radar scans, even when damaged.[3]

The onyx-coloured armor worn by prelate Tem'Bhetek bore several other features, including a hard light emitter mounted on his arm, which could be used to fashion a shield or gauntlet, and an anti-gravity belt used for propelling himself in various directions quickly, or for limited flight.[1]


Fighting skins were employed by the prelates of the San'Shyuum including Tem'Bhetek and Dhas Bhasvod, and used to great effect in combat - allowing their chemically enhanced operators to go toe-to-toe with seasoned Sangheili and Jiralhanae warriors, and even SPARTAN-III supersoldiers.[5][1]


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