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Dhas Bhasvod

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Dhas Bhasvod
Dhas Bhasvod on the cover of Halo: Divine Wind.
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"The Ark is still alive, and so is our faith.[1]"

Dhas Bhasvod is a San'Shyuum Prelate who served as an assassin for the Prophet of Truth during the reign of the Covenant empire.[2]


Human-Covenant War[edit]

During the Human-Covenant War, Bhasvod served the Prophet of Truth as a Prelate assassin of the Silent Shadow.[2] During the Fall of High Charity, Bhasvod was part of a group organised with the task of ensuring the successful evacuation of a flotilla of San'Shyuum from the city, disguised by the launch of Anodyne Spirit. The flotilla intended to head to the shield world of Cloister, where they would await the firing of the Halo Array by the Prophet of Truth. Bhasvod did not join the flotilla, and instead remained in Truth's fleet as they joined the Battle for Earth and initiated the campaign on the Ark. Ultimately, the Prelate survived the battle, and rallied the surviving Covenant troops inside the grounded Anodyne Spirit, and hid for seven years as the Ark rebuilt itself - never renouncing his faith in the Covenant religion.[1]

Second Ark Conflict[edit]

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