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During the Fall of High Charity in 2552, a flotilla of San'Shyuum evacuees were able to flee the besieged city in an effort organised by a group including the prelate Dhas Bhasvod, and disguised by the launch of Anodyne Spirit during the battle. The evacuees intended to flee to the shield world of Cloister, where they would be safe from the firing of the Halo Array by the High Prophet of Truth and be able to rebuild galactic civilisation in the San'Shyuum image. Ultimately, the High Prophet's plan was foiled during the Battle of Installation 00.[1] The flotilla remained in hiding to avoid the wrath of vengeful Sangheili.[2] By late 2553, Tem'Bhetek and Boru'a'Neem departed from the flotilla and took a contingent of Jiralhanae to strike against the Sangheili, in a plot to genocide their homeworld with a prototype Halo installation. After Rtas 'Vadum foiled 'Bhetek's plan in their encounter, he intended to take the Shadow of Intent to hunt down the flotilla, though the eventual status of this effort is unknown.[3][4]

By October 2559, the flotilla's current status was unknown to Bhasvod, who had been trapped on the Ark for seven years, and had been completely unheard of by his temporary ally Castor - who suspected that had the Banished known of the flotilla, they would have expended all of their resources trying to hunt it down. Unable to contact a San'Shyuum in the flotilla known as Jom G'e'qth, Bhasvod intended to activate the rings regardless, in the knowledge that either the flotilla would survive inside the shield world, or those who had hunted them down would have the ultimate revenge inflicted upon them.[1]

In November 2559, Rtas and the Shadow of Intent were still pursuing the San'Shyuum flotilla and was thus unable to help in the Battle of Netherop, something that Arbiter Thel 'Vadam lamented.[5] However, Cadence - a lecturer at Edinburgh University - remains convinced of the survivors' existence and was able to convince Eto 'Saljhoo of the Banished the same - resulting in a large amount of funding being awarded to her department in the university to begin the research.[6]

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