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Jom G'e'qth
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Jom G'e'qth is a San'Shyuum leader affiliated with the flotilla which escaped High Charity during the city's fall in 2552.[1]


By 2559, G'e'qth was a part of the San'Shyuum group that had fled High Charity to inhabit the shield world of Cloister. When fleeing, the plan was for the Prophet of Truth to use the slipspace flakes on Anodyne Spirit to open a portal to Cloister and allow the San'Shyuum to resettle the galaxy following his intended firing of the Halo Array. Truth's death and the subsequent stealing of these crystals by the Banished put a halt in these plans, and by 2559 the prelate Dhas Bhasvod was uncertain whether the flotilla had survived or not. The loss of the slipspace shards ultimately delayed Bhasvod's intention to open the portal to Cloister and warn G'e'qth of the plan's failure.[1]

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