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Biographical information

Activation site:

Sydney, Australia, Earth[1]

Began service:

Prior to 2529[2]


Male programming


A tiny spark of light with a formal butler voice.

Political and military information


Dr. Catherine Halsey


Jerrod was the first experimental "micro" artificial intelligence created by the United Nations Space Command at the Sydney Synthetic Intellect Institute. He took the form of a tiny spark of light and had a formal butler voice.[3]


Created by United Nations Space Command researchers at the Sydney Synthetic Intellect Institute in Sydney, Australia on Earth, Jerrod was one of the AIs in the ownership of Dr. Catherine Halsey.[1]

On December 11, 2529, while Halsey was struggling to get access into the Kig-Yar point defense gauntlet Jerrod thought he had a solution.[2] On September 7, 2547, after Halsey's failed attempt to create a fractal AI housing within slipspace, she ported data to Jerrod for further analysis.[4]

In 2552, during the final stages of the Fall of Reach, Jerrod informed Halsey that the perimeter of SWORD Base was compromised by the Covenant. Although the base AI denied this, likely as part of ONI's cover-up regarding the extent of the Covenant invasion, Halsey chose to trust Jerrod instead.[2]

Halsey took Jerrod with her as she and the Spartans escaped Reach and later when she stole the rebel ship Beatrice, which Jerrod helped to navigate. After they made it to Onyx, Jerrod assisted Halsey in locating ONI AI Endless Summer, and eventually discovering the entrance to Shield World 006.[5] Upon their arrival in the core room antechamber, Jerrod helped her to analyze the slipspace portal leading into the shield world itself.[6]

After Jameson Locke tasked an ONI dumb AI with searching for weaknesses in the active Spartan-II assets circa 2558, Jerrod repeatedly hindered the other AI's attempts to access classified files pertaining to Halsey's work, frequently mocking its inferiority in the process.[7]


  • For unknown reasons, Jerrod was not mentioned at all in Halo: Glasslands. Halsey mentioned that she doesn't have an AI with her to translate Forerunner glyphs (suggesting Jerrod's inability to do so), and must do so on her own throughout her time in the shield world.

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