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Sankar AI
Biographical information

Began service:

after October 28, 2558



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United Nations Space Command

"I tumbled backwards and out of the shattered window. My body turned towards the ground as earth rushed up to meet me. And then I… died."
— The AI struggles reconciling her own identity from that of Maya Sankar in her infancy as she recalls Maya's last memories.[1]

The Sankar AI is a "smart" artificial intelligence construct created from the scanning and replication of the neural pathways of Maya Sankar, an Office of Naval Intelligence Section Three agent.



On October 28, 2558, agent Sankar, while investigating anomalous occurrences on Laika III, was voluntarily killed by Bostwick, a member of the New Colonial Alliance. Sankar's brain was recovered and deemed an excellent candidate for AI assimilation.

Leaving Earth[edit]

The AI was held at HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 in Sydney, Australia, until it and every other AI in the complex were secured for transport thanks to warning from Black-Box concerning the Created's plans. All of these AIs were extracted from Earth when Cortana took it over. Admiral Serin Osman brought them with her to Rossbach's World, where she allowed BB to interview the Sankar AI specifically about recent events in Maya's life, including her manipulation of Benjamin Giraud, work with Mshak Moradi, and ultimately and of most importance, her knowledge of and encounters with a Guardian and the devastation caused by one.[1][2]

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