Rossbach's World

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This article is about the planet. For the short story, see Rossbach's World (story).

Rossbach's World is an uncharted habitable planet cut off from all UNSC and UEG networks. The planet experiences a mild winter season and is home to a species of bio-luminescent fungi that cover tree branches and light up the forests at night.[1]


Discovered in 2556 by an automated probe, the planet's finding was intercepted by the AI Black-Box, who kept it hidden away as an emergency safe haven. Using a fabricated "shell personality" named Commander Spartan Rossbach, Black-Box managed to erect a single structure on the planet, an antiquated wooden cabin positioned high on the side of a forested mountain. The retreat had limited technology but possessed solar panels to generate energy. The cabin was also well stocked with enough food supplies to last a few years, including a three year stock of alcoholic beverages. According to Black-Box, official accounting ledgers show the cabin was technically constructed on Mars. A nearby river flowed potable drinking water from the melted ice of the mountain's snowy peak.[2]

In late October of 2558, when the Created unleashed a Forerunner Guardian over the city of Sydney on Earth, Black-Box evacuated Admirals Serin Osman and Terrence Hood as well as Spartan Orzel to Rossbach's World aboard a Prowler.

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