Needler Sentinel

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This article is about the glitched Sentinel in Halo 2. For the Enforcer's weapon, see pulse beam.
The Needler Sentinel.

The Needler Sentinel is an aggressor sentinel variant that can be found on the Halo 2 campaign level Quarantine Zone.


Unlike other Sentinels found in the game, this Sentinel fires Needler rounds rather than the conventional Sentinel beam and when destroyed, it drops a Needler.

This variant was supposed to make an appearance in the game. It was removed permanently from the finalized version of Halo 2.[1] However, one tag remained within the game, due to oversight by Bungie staff.[2]



  1. ^ Re: Sentinels with needlers? (Evil Otto: "We used to have sentinels that dropped needler weapons but ended up cutting them. If you found one we missed, I would be very interested if you could verify it.")
  2. ^ Re: Sentinels with needlers? (Dojorkan: "I wouldnt[sic] say its[sic] a glitch, just a mistake. Say of[sic] they use a drop down box to select a weapon from the list of weapons, his mouse could have simply slipped and selected a needler.")