Aggressor Sentinel Eliminator

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Aggressor Sentinel Eliminator
Render of an Aggressor Sentinel Eliminator from Halo Infinite based on Josh Gregory's works.


Defend Forerunner installations






The Sentinel Eliminators are a variant of the pervasive Aggressor Sentinel.[1]



During the Battle of Installation 05, these Sentinels were deployed to contain the Flood outbreak on the ring. Several of these Sentinels fought against Thel 'Vadamee and his forces on the installation.[2][3]

These sentinels were also present on Installation 07[4], where they took part in the conflict between the UNSC and the Banished under the direction of Monitor Adjutant Resolution[5].


Sentinel Eliminators first appeared in-game in Halo 2 and its Anniversary remake, appearing on the levels Sacred Icon and Quarantine Zone as enemies for the player to fight against. Eliminators are given the more powerful Sentinel Eliminator beam and have a four second delay before their shields recharge and a one second recharge time, compared to the eight seconds delay and two second charge time of the Major. In-game, the Eliminators are given the "Captain" enemy flag.

Eliminators appear in Halo Infinite as the strongest common variant of Sentinels. They are tougher then their grey counterparts, being the only variant to sport Energy shielding, and wielding the Heatwave for offense. They also appear as prop assets on the multiplayer map Fragmentation - these Sentinels are destroyed and are merely a part of the map's background scenery, rather than an active part of the gameplay experience.

Production notes[edit]

Sentinel Eliminators primarily appear in the campaign of Halo 2. Though they have never been named in any canonical capacity, the in-game files of Halo 2 refer to them as Eliminators. A common fan-misconception revolves around the use of the name "Sentinel Major" to describe these Sentinels; in actuality, the Major Sentinel is a different kind of enemy in addition to the Eliminators in Halo 2.

A lore stream conducted by 343 Industries writers Jeff Easterling and Kenneth Peters indicated that while the eliminators have been discussed internally, as of 2018 they had no particular designation for them and just considered them a different kind of Aggressor.[6]




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