Protector Sentinel (Installation 00)

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This article is about the sentinel. For other uses, see Protector (disambiguation).
Protector Sentinel
HW2 Blitz Protector Sentinel.png




High powered Sentinel Beam


Shielding (Optional)


Protector Sentinels are a specialized variety of Forerunner Sentinel similar to the Super Sentinels.[1]


Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Info: Core Air, Sentinel Detonation, Sentinel Beam.
  • Tier: 0
  • Cost: Population 3, Supplies 250, Power 30
  • Protector Sentinel upgrades
    • Drone Escort
    • Info: Increased damage, Increased health, Lockdown Bolt unlocked, have additional two Aggressor Sentinels as an escort
    • Tier: 2
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 500
    • Defense Grid
    • Info: Increased speed, Detonate on destruction
    • Tier: 3
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 600

Protector Sentinels are exclusive to Ellen Anders, and can be made at the Firebase once the leader power has unlocked them. They are effective against vehicles, but are only okay against infantry, aircraft, and structures. Protector Sentinels are a good all-rounder air unit. In Blitz, Protector Sentinels cost 70 energy.


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