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Gathering of species for study


Unknown energy weapon


Energy shielding


Gatherers[1][2] are Forerunner machines whose primary function is to gather specimens of different species and to transport them for study and cataloging. So far, these machines have only been observed operating from Line Installation 1-4 on an unidentified moon.[3]

During the Battle of Line Installation 1-4 in 2552, a group of Gatherers captured Margaret-053, Reff 'Talamee, Jubub and a Mgalekgolo who had all crash-landed on the moon and took them into the depths of the facility for experimentation.[3]


Gatherers consist of a fairly large main body with three red eyes and a holding tank for captured specimens on their backs, filled with a purple liquid. They have eight tentacle-like clawed arms, two much smaller arms, and four legs, although they are usually seen floating through the air. Gatherers are armed with an energy weapon similar to, though more powerful than, the Sentinel Beam, located below the tentacles. Much like the Sentinel Beam, the weapon can be detached and used as a hand-held weapon.[2]


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