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Armiger Sniper
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Ferrarius Assembler Vats[1]


244.9 centimeters (8.03 ft)[1]


179.8 kilograms (396.4 lb)[1]



Snipers are a class of armiger used by the Forerunners.[1]


Design details[edit]

Although they bear some superficial similarities to the Promethean Knights, these similarities are only aesthetic. Where Knights are created from composed essences of formerly-sentient living beings, Snipers (as with all armigers) are driven by a controlling ancilla.[2][1][3] As such, armigers are classed as a form of sentinel automata - not a Promethean.[4]

The armiger Sniper is primarily black with red glowing highlights and sports a different head structure in comparison to the standard Soldier unit. This colouration is designed to silhouette the unit against the darkness of a night sky, though they do emit a bright red glow that induces glare onto an enemy's vision whenever targeted by them. This unwavering gaze allows the Sniper the ability to eliminate targets at extreme ranges - ensuring that that they are not able to get close enough to the unit for direct observation to matter.[1]

The Sniper's base programming is designed to emphasize individualised expeditionary operations and extreme accuracy with their weapons - they are commonly armed with the binary rifle and light rifle, although they are willing to switch to Z-130 Suppressors if an enemy gets too close to them. Their sheer accuracy with these weapons allows them to push the uppermost extreme limits on the range of infantry weaponry, and serve as overwatch and recon support for their Soldier and Officer counterparts.[1]


Armiger Snipers, replacing the Crawler Snipe from Halo 4, act as the Forerunner counterpart to the Kig-Yar Snipers of the Covenant. Armiger Snipers are considered to be very dangerous due to being commonly armed with the Binary Rifle, which can instantly kill a campaign player character and make them unrevivable until their next respawn, especially on Heroic or Legendary, as long as most of the beam hits. On Normal difficulty, all the beam must hit to kill a player.

When the player is spotted and targeted by a Armiger Sniper, the player receives a red glare on their screen and heads-up display as a warning, giving the player time to kill the Soldier Sniper before he kills them. The Armiger Sniper, in comparison to the other Armiger types, has the weakest armor and health, falling to a single headshot from any precision weapon and losing armor within one to three shots from a DMR or LightRifle, depending on the difficulty and active skulls. In addition, the Armiger Sniper is the rarest Armiger type; in the campaign, the Armiger Sniper only appears in Unconfirmed, Evacuation, Reunion, The Breaking, and Guardians.


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