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Controller Sentinel


Localized defense



Forward-facing energy shield


The Controller Sentinel is a Forerunner Sentinel designed for the defense of valuable technology on Installation 00.[1]

Design details[edit]

Similar to the roles of the Enforcers, the Controllers are deployed to guard key locations and counter escalating threats on Installation 00. Controllers are equipped with a supercharged Sentinel pulse as its primary weapon and a Sentinel beam as its secondary weapon (to prevent enemies from hiding in its blind spot). For defense, they are equipped with forward-facing energy shielding, which has been described to be an improvement of the ones used by the Enforcers.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Controllers were first designed and deployed during the construction of Installation 00 between 98,445 BCE and 97,445 BCE.[citation needed] Over 100,000 years later, in late March and early April of 2559, Controllers on the Ark were put on high alert after forces of the Covenant splinter faction, the Banished, and those of the UNSC Spirit of Fire battled one another across its surface. Controllers were among multiple additional tiers of mechanized defenders and reflexive defense protocols activated in response to the violence. The Orbital Drop Shock Trooper element known as Sunray Squad had to contend with Controllers during Operation: SPEARBREAKER a mission to counter a plot by the Banished.[1]


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