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Not on My Watch



Halo Wars 2


Major Vaughan


May 1, 2559


Installation 00


  • Regroup with India Company's forces
  • Recon the area to discover what the Banished are planning
  • Capture the control towers to deactivate the cloaking field (5)
  • Activate the central terminal
  • Defeat the Retriever Sentinel
  • Rescue India Company's captured Wolverines
  • Find and defend India Company's Nightingale
  • Kill both Goliaths (2)
  • Activate all Banished holo-projectors (3)
  • Eliminate Controller Sentinels (8)
  • Lure Sentinels near Banished buildings to destroy them (5)
  • Use Holo Decoy to distract Controller Sentinels (10)

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Major Vaughan leads his Boomerang Company ODSTs to a Banished operation site.

Gatecrashers is the thirteenth campaign level in Halo Wars 2, and the first one of the expansion Halo Wars 2: Operation: SPEARBREAKER. The level shares its geometry with the Skirmish map Mirage.


{In-game cutscene}


One month after the destruction of Enduring Conviction and Halo launch

NORTH SPIRE, 0247 Hours

One of the drones spots some cloaking devices around the North Spire, but the drones suffer signal interference from it.

  • Recon Controller: "O'Sullivan, our drones have found something. Take a look."
  • O'Sullivan: "Some kind of cloak. I can't make out that thing. Switch to vis-feed 24, high angle."

Upon switching to vis-feed 24 with high angle, O'Sullivan spots Banished Engineers on the site.

  • O'Sullivan: "Banished Engineers. Alert the captain. Whatever they're doing, we need to get down there, fast."
  • COMMS Officer: "Vaughan, you and Boomerang Company are good to go."
  • Major Vaughan: "Acknowledged, Spirit of Fire. And how DO we go, Helljumpers?"
  • Warrant Officer Quinn: "We go feet first!"

Five pods of ODST are deployed from the Spirit of Fire. The logos of 343 Industries and Creative Assembly appear.

Landing at the site, Vaughan's unit are ready to scout ahead.

  • Quinn: "And THAT makes two hundred drops!"
  • Vaughan: "I'll bake you a cake when we get back, Quinn. In the meantime, we need a visual on what the Banished are up to."
  • Quinn: "The enemy operation site is dead ahead, but there's some kind of cloaking field in the way."

Quinn raises the binoculars and the distance is around 1.8 miles to the destination ahead.

  • Vaughan: "To disable that cloaking field, we're going to need more info about what's going on here. Spirit of Fire says the Banished could be using Forerunner tech to hide their operation down there. Let's go see if they're right."

At distances of 1.2 miles, there is more Banished activity.

  • Vaughan: "Time for a tour, Helljumpers."

Mission Briefing



Mission Summary

Disable the cloaking field to expose the Banished operation site.

Scouting Report

Vaughan's ODST Troops are armed with EMP ordnance to neutralize Sentinels.

{In-game cutscene}

  • COMMS Officer 1: "Boomerang Company, this is Spirit of Fire. The Captain has authorized India Company to reinforce your team."
  • Major Vaughan: "Roger that, Spirit of Fire. Move out, Helljumpers, we're going to need those extra guns."


ODSTs start to roll out and shortly after their deployment, they spot a Controller Sentinel. Below the hills, a Banished unit engages it upon contact.

  • Quinn: "Vaughan, heads up. We've got a new flavor of Sentinel."
  • Vaughan: "We can expect the same kind of hospitality. Let the Banished handle it for now."

Advancing ahead, two squads of Banished infantry are attempting to flee from India Company Hellbringers that are pursuing them.

  • Vaughan: "We've got hostiles!"

Trapping the Banished forces and defeating them, the Hellbringers rejoin Boomerang Company.

  • India Hellbringers: "India Company here, sir! We spread out on the way down, didn't want to give the Banished too big a target."
  • Vaughan: "Good call. Keep those flamers ready, you're with us now, Hellbringers."

Advancing ahead, they encountered a Controller Sentinel pinning down Marines on a Garrison.

  • Vaughan: "Friendlies up ahead, they're pinned down by one of those new Sentinels!"

The unit unsuccessfully tries to attack it from the front instead of its exposed back.

  • Vaughan: "It's unshielded in the back, hit it from behind!"

While engaging the Sentinel, two Wolverines join in and attack it from behind, destroying it.

  • India Wolverines: "India Company Wolverines here, ready to lend a hand!"
  • Vaughan: "Sentinel down. Saddle up, Wolverines, you're coming with us."

After regrouping, they start to advance again.

  • Vaughan: "Keep an eye out for anything that could help us figure out what the Banished are up to."

While continuing to advance, they find a teleporter and a Banished silo ahead. They destroy the silo while powering up the teleporter.

  • Quinn: "Got eyes on a teleporter."
  • Vaughan: "Looks like the only way forward, start it up."

Reaching the device, the teleporter starts charging up.

  • Quinn: "Teleporter's charging up, Vaughan."

While powering up the teleporter, a hologram projects a Jiralhanae Warlord giving a speech to the Banished.

  • Warlord: "...will answer to Atriox! Next, Colony has new orders for us."

At one of the sites, several Controller Sentinels are defending it.

  • Warlord: "Our Engineers have activated the cloaking field over our operation site using the nearby Control Towers. Our orders are to hold fast and stop the Controller Sentinels from taking back the Control Towers."

One of the Control Towers controlled by the Banished can be seen.

  • Warlord: "The cloaking field must remain activated to keep our operation hidden from the humans. We have reports of possible human activity nearby. They must not breach the cloaking fields."

A Controller Sentinel is approaching to attack the Hologram.

  • Warlord: "Failure will not be tolerated."
  • Vaughan: "Quick, while it's distracted by the hologram. Hit it from behind!"

After destroying it, Sunray 1-1 waits for the teleporter to finish powering up.

  • Vaughan: "That's one more Controller Sentinel taken care of."
  • Quinn: "Spirit of Fire's authorized Holo-Decoy packages for us in case we run into more."
  • Vaughan: "You can count on it, Quinn; we've seen how protective the Sentinels are around here. We're going to need to take those Control Towers to deactivate the cloaking field."

After a while, the teleporter is activated.

  • Vaughan: "Teleporter's active, let's go."

When teleported down, they spot a Banished base and a Controller Sentinel engaging the Banished troops around the base.

  • Quinn: "Controller up ahead."
  • Vaughan: "It must be protecting a Control Tower nearby. Let's take it down while it's focused on the Banished."

While the Controller Sentinel destroys the Banished's base, Vaughan and India Company destroy it from behind.

  • Vaughan: "Area clear. Let's capture that Control Tower and call in a base drop. The Banished know we're here now, so we're going to need backup."

While waiting for a Condor to deliver the base, Sunray 1-1 recon the area that has two Control Towers near their base site.

Once the base construction has been completed

  • Quinn: "We've got our base."
  • Vaughan: "Let's start building an army. We're going to need it."

They start capturing one of the Control Towers and once done, one of the sections starts to power up in blue color.

  • Quinn: "We've got activity. Scanning now. Pretty clear connection. The Control Towers are providing power for the cloaking field."
  • Vaughan: "Once we take the rest of the Control Towers we'll be able to shut off the cloaking field and find out what the Banished are hiding from us."

One of the Controller Sentinels starts heading towards the captured Control Tower.

  • Quinn: "You were right, the Controllers don't like us messing with their towers."
  • Vaughan: "Activate a Holo-Decoy to keep it distracted!

Deploying the Holo-Decoy, the holograms distract the Controller Sentinel again while Sunray 1-1 and Wolverines destroy it from the rear.

  • Quinn: "Vaughan, I'm receiving a faint friendly comms signal."
  • India Wolverines: "Can anyone receive us? This is India Company, 2nd Wolverines. We're being held by the Banished. I repeat..."
  • Quinn: "Sounds like India Company still has troops out there. More firepower would come in handy."
  • Vaughan: "Keep an eye out for them, but we have to make the nodes our priority."

A Jackrabbit goes to scout ahead and finds Skitterers ahead.

  • Quinn: "Vaughan, we've got new Banished units on the field. Some kind of small mech, resembles a Locust."

Assembling an army, Sunray 1-1 start advancing to capture Control Towers, while Jackrabbits go through Banished units and discover Banished bases northeast and southeast of their position. A Goliath is seen defending it and the Jackrabbits make a hasty retreat.

  • Quinn: "Whoa, what the heck is that?"
  • Vaughan: "Some kind of Hunter. But bigger than any one I've ever seen. We need some anti-infantry, on the double!"

Near Control Tower B, the Banished are fighting Aggressor Sentinels and UNSC eliminates both of them.

  • Quinn: "Whatever the Banished are up to, it's got the Sentinels on high alert."
  • Vaughan: "It's got to be something major. The Sentinels aren't going to stop until it's over. Be ready for more skirmishes with them."

Once Control Tower B is captured, a Controller Sentinel heads towards it.

  • Quinn: "We've got a Sentinel on the way, weapons ready!"

Upon approaching the Banished base that was not scouted by Jackrabbits earlier, another Goliath is seen defending it.

  • Vaughan: "It's another one of those Hunters, take it down!"
  • Quinn: "You know, I like my aliens to be a lot less alien!"

When attacking the base, the UNSC also kills the Goliath defending it.

  • Vaughan: "Whatever that was, it's down."

Upon destroying it, another projector appears and it displays the Warlord once again.

  • Warlord: "Humans! I know you're out there, and I know you're listening. I have a message from Colony for you! Your meddling is useless. Cease now, and we will make your death quick. Persist, and your suffering will be long and painful."
  • Quinn: "Sounds to me like we're on the right track."

They then hear from an India Company Nightingale and a five-minute countdown is started.

  • India Nightingale: "I'm under fire from the enemy, I need backup!"

The UNSC quickly regroups and goes to the isolated Nightingale. They spot a Controller Sentinel on the way and it remains stationary near the compound.

  • Vaughan: "Heads up, we've got a Controller Sentinel in the area."

Upon reaching the Nightingale, some Banished infantry are engaging it.

  • India Nightingale: "Is anyone going to help me out here? I'm a sitting duck!"
  • Vaughan: "Take out those hostiles!"

The UNSC then defends Nightingale for a minute while a battle breaks out between Banished and Sentinels between Control Towers C and D.

Once the timer is up, the India Company Nightingale is moved to the player's command with bonus three rank veterancy.

After rescuing the Nightingale, the UNSC goes to the base that was scouted by the Jackrabbit earlier to destroy it before the Banished takes control of the Control Tower. Upon engaging, Colony finally makes an appearance.

  • Colony: "Humans. We will end you. We will bring finality."
  • Quinn: "What was that?"
  • Vaughan: "I don't know. And I don't like not knowing. Stay alert."

Capturing another Control Tower after the Banished's base is destroyed, another Controller Sentinel approaches it.

  • Quinn: "We've got a Sentinel on the way, weapons ready!"

The UNSC starts to capture another Control Tower while searching for Banished stragglers. Once captured, another Controller Sentinel approaches it.

  • Quinn: "We've got a Sentinel on the way, weapons ready!"

After destroying the Sentinel, the UNSC discovers the India Wolverines that are held captive and frees them.

  • India Wolverines: "Thanks for the assist. We're yours and ready for payback."

Advancing further, they spot another Controller Sentinel that was defending the cloaked area.

  • Vaughan: "Watch it, team. We've got a Controller Sentinel nearby."

Once the last Control Tower is captured, the control terminal comes online and the last Controller Sentinel heads towards the last Control Tower.

  • Quinn: "The towers are all ours. From the intel we've gathered, it looks like we just need to access one last terminal to shut down the field. I've marked that terminal's location on the map."
  • Vaughan: "Let's move."

Approaching the terminal, they start to talk.

  • Quinn: "Wait, Vaughan. We've seen the Sentinel response to taking the Control Towers. So, what do you think they'll do when we shut down that field?"
  • Vaughan: "We don't have a choice, we have to get through there. Let's make sure we've got a large enough force ready to defend when we shut that thing down."

Activating the terminal, the field is deactivated and a Retriever Sentinel appears on the light bridge behind it.

  • Quinn: "Here they come! And they've got a Retriever Sentinel! Think they sent enough of them?"
  • Vaughan: "Buckle up, Helljumpers. Focus on the Retriever, hit it hard!"

Sunray 1-1 starts fighting the Retriever Sentinel. When its health reaches 66% percent, the Sentinel calls in a Sentinel Swarm.

  • Quinn: "We need to fall back! It's calling in a Sentinel Swarm!"

The UNSC quickly retreats outside the Sentinel Swarm's range and the Retriever starts being healed.

  • Vaughan: "Quinn, the Retriever's being repaired by those drones. Any ideas?"
  • Quinn: "They seem to be coordinated by the bigger ones! Target the Aggressor Sentinels!"

Some Aggressor Sentinels approaching the UNSC are destroyed immediately upon contact and the Sentinel Swarm disperses.

  • Vaughan: "That's it. Reengage the Retriever, but watch out for the Swarm!"

The battle resumes, and some Protector Sentinels assist the Retriever. When its health reaches 50%, the Retriever calls in another Swarm.

  • Quinn: "Vaughan, it's calling in another Swarm!"

The UNSC retreats once the Sentinel Swarm arrives. The Aggressor Sentinels also engage Sunray 1-1.

  • Quinn: "Okay, here come the Aggressors again!"

If Sunray 1-1 approaches the Retriever with the Swarm active.

  • Vaughan: "The Swarm is coming right at us!"

Sunray 1-1 quickly defeats the Aggressor Sentinels and the Swarm disperses again.

  • Vaughan: "The Retriever's our main target, focus all fire on it!"

The battle resumes and some Protector Sentinels approach Sunray 1-1 but are quickly defeated. When the Retriever's health reaches 25%, the Sentinel calls in the final Swarm.

  • Quinn: "Swarm incoming!"
  • Vaughan: "We're nearly there, team! One more push!"

Sunray 1-1 retreats from its range once the Swarm arrives once again.

  • Vaughan: "Fall back and watch for those Aggressors!"

Once the Aggressors are destroyed, the Swarm disperses again and Sunray 1-1 continues engaging it.

  • Vaughan: "Weapons free! Disable the Retriever!"

Once the Retriever has been defeated, the Comms Officer can finally see inside the cloaking field.

  • COMMS Officer 2: "We're receiving the feed now. Forerunner. Looks like that a ship? The Banished have taken control of a ship!"

{In-game cutscene}

Several squads of ODSTs, two Scorpion Tanks and a Warthog regroup at the terminal while Sunray 1-1 head to the light bridge.

  • Quinn: "That's bad news."
  • Vaughan: "If they can get the ship off the Ark, they'll be able to call in reinforcements. Then we'll be drowning in Brutes."

A Hornet flies by while two Wolverines, a Cyclops and two Marines arrive on the scene.

  • Quinn: "That's a visual I didn't need. Let's get in there and make sure that doesn't happen."

Mission Complete

Level ends

Troops deployment[edit]

  • Vaughan's Unit
    • ODSTs (Hero Unit)
    • 2000 Supplies
    • 600 Power
  • India Company
    • 1 ODSTs (Co-op only)
    • 2 Hellbringers
    • 5 Wolverines (3 captured)
    • 2 Marines
    • 1 Nightingale (Isolated)

Leader Power[edit]

  • Restoration Drones I, II and III
  • Scatter Bomb I and II
  • Bunker Drop I and II
  • Remote Sensors I
  • ODST Drop I
  • Pelican Transport I and II
  • Mech Overcharge I and II
  • Holographic Decoy II
  • Grizzly Battalion I


The following achievement can be unlocked on Gatecrashers across the Xbox One and Windows 10 editions of Halo Wars 2.

Halo Wars 2 Title Unlock requirement Games
HW2 Achievement 100Drops.png
Vidmaster Challenge: 100 drops
Gain Gold medal and complete all objectives in "Gatecrashers" on Legendary.
Halo Wars 2



  • The fully-upgraded Mantis is a well-rounded unit. Build up a large force of Mantises and they can take on various enemy types.
  • Whenever you capture a control tower, a single Controller Sentinel will always go to the tower. However, this will not happen if you choose to destroy the Controller first before capturing the control tower.
  • The Retriever Sentinel in this level possess an energy shield, unlike on the level The Halo, in which the Retriever Sentinel is unshielded. Be mindful of how much its shields has recharged each time.
  • Nightingales play a critical role when fighting the Retriever Sentinel; always bring at least two Nightingales to keep healing your troops.
  • The Grizzly Battalion leader power can deploy three Grizzly tanks that deal heavy damage, but they occupy a large percentage of your population.

Optional and Bonus Objectives[edit]

  • A rear attack is the best solution for dealing with Controller Sentinels.
    • Have one unit act as distraction and have anti-air units like Wolverines attack from its rear.
    • Alternatively, use the holo-decoy to create a horde of your units since Sentinels often prioritize their attacks on the holo-decoys.
  • After teleporting to the first Banished base, send all your troops away from the Controller Sentinel. Instead, only send the ODST hero unit to help the Controller Sentinel with defeating the Banished units. Once the Banished units are destroyed, the Controller Sentinel will destroy the base, which contributes four out of the five required buildings for the optional objective. The same Controller Sentinel may even destroy the Banished sensor tower next to the Tower A as the fifth building. Alternatively, a Controller Sentinel can be led to the Banished minibase near Tower B. Destroy the Banished units between the center area and Tower B, but only weaken the minibase before capturing Tower B, so the Controller Sentinel can easily destroy the minibase while encountering very little Banished resistance.
  • The Controller Sentinels are marked with yellow stars on the minimap. Send multiple units to a nearby location, then send in holo-decoys to the Controller Sentinels.
  • The two Goliaths are located near the two Banished bases, one at each base.
  • The first Banished holo-projector is located at the portal. It must be activated to proceed with the level. The second holo-projector is located at the Banished base north of Control Tower B. The third and final holo-projector is located between Control Tower D and the central terminal.
  • Rescue the Wolverines after having maxed our your population but before activating the central terminal. This will give you a larger force than what would be typically possible to fight the Retriever Sentinel.


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