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Map overview


Halo Wars 2

Lore information


Installation 00[1]

Gameplay overview


Grass, hills, Forerunner structures

Recommended number of players:

1v1, 2v2 and 3v3

Recommended gametype(s):

Lush woodlands conceal an immense Forerunner storage facility.

Vault is a multiplayer map in Halo Wars 2. It is recommended for the Deathmatch gametype. Formerly known as Veteran during the Halo Wars 2 Open Beta, it was available in the Beta from June 17–20, 2016.[2]

Phoenix Log[edit]

Phoenix Log - Vault
Phoenix log artwork

Lush woodlands conceal an immense Forerunner storage facility.

"The storage facility was only a couple of klicks out as we pushed through the woods, and after a long exhausting march I could feel the rest of the team relax a little. After all the alien sights we had seen, the familiarity of a cool breeze and the smell of those large trees was a comfort, and for a short while we could almost forget where we were.

That was our first mistake. Something shimmered out of the corner of my eye and lifted Dimitri into the air. He lurched violently to the left as the cloaked Elite swung his sword free of his victim and Floyd shouted 'Elite!'. We fired off several rounds at the spot where Dimitri had been standing, but the Elite had already melted back into the trees. We still outnumbered him seven to one, but I wasn't about to follow a cloaked Elite into the trees so he could pick us off one by one.

We popped our grenades.

A minute later, we slowly pushed through the burning trees, picking splinters out of our uniforms. There was no sign of the Elite, but the shallow stream beyond was streaked with purple blood. I collected Dimitri's tags and blinked to get the sting of smoke out of my eyes. We wouldn't forget where we were again."

Journal of Private D. Wood


Vault is set in a green environment with a large Forerunner structure in its center. There are various base sites (including minibases), power nodes, garrisons, and supply crates on the map. Around the Forerunner structure are teleporters. Units that enter a teleporter are translocated to another teleporter around the structure.