One Three Zero

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The Cartographer

One Three Zero
HW2 One Three Zero.jpg


Halo Wars 2


Alice-130 and James Cutter


March 28, 2559


Installation 00


  • Free the prisoners (4)
  • Take control of the research outpost
  • Hold the line until extraction
  • Keep Alice alive for the entire mission
  • Don't let the prison squads die (4)
  • Gather all resources (16)
  • Kill the scared Grunt before he flees
  • Kill units using Spartan Slam (3)
  • Kill units with Lotus Mines (3)
  • Kill units with Archer Missiles (3)

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One Three Zero is the fourth campaign level in Halo Wars 2.




Mission Briefing

  • Alice-130: "Start log: senior chief petty officer Alice One-Three-Zero. I managed to make it out of the outpost and I've been tracking an enemy convoy to one of their compounds. They took some of our troops prisoner back there, and I'm not going to leave them behind. I've spotted another research post, and I should be able to use it to send an encrypted message to the Captain. I don't think they're expecting trouble. Time for me to give them some. End log."

Mission Summary

Rescue UNSC Prisoners with Alice-130 from deep behind enemy lines.

Scouting Report

Even a lone Spartan can be a formidable force.

{In-game Cutscene}

Alice moves towards one of the prison compounds from upcliff, spotting some Prison Guards in the compound holding two squad of Hellbringers prison.

  • Alice-130: "We've got hostiles."


Alice lets the two Spirit dropships pass through. After they are away, she assaults the compound and defeats the guards.

  • Hellbringer #1: "Whoa!"
  • Hellbringer #2: "The cavalry's here!"
  • Hellbringer #3: "Ooh, I felt that!"
  • Alice-130: "I'm getting you out of there, hang on."

Alice destroys the Power that hold the Hellbringers, freeing them.

  • Alice-130: "Ready your weapons, troops. We're going to get everyone back. It's gonna be a ball."
  • Hellbringer: "You're a sight for sore eyes, Spartan. I thought we'd never see you again."
  • Alice-130: "We're only going to get one shot at a pickup, so let's get everybody before we call for a ride home. Stay close to me and we'll all get out of here together."

Alice starts leading the Hellbringers to one of the other cells, eliminating every Banished Prison Guard while also taking their supplies from silos when they see it.

  • Alice-130: "More cells up ahead, break them out of there!"

Alice and the Hellbringers soon reache the second cell.

  • Banished: "The prisoners are escaped! Sound the alarm!"

Alice and the Hellbringers immediately clear the area of Prison Guards and break the cell again, freeing two more squads of Hellbringers inside it.

  • Alice-130: "Welcome back to the fight, everyone."
  • Hellbringer: "I need to burn some hostiles, sir."
  • Alice-130: "We've still got more of our people out there, let's go get them back."

The alarm rings immediately after the second batch of cell has been destroyed.

  • Alice-130: "Heads up! Looks like we woke the neighbors!"

Some Grunts run away upon seeing them.

  • Grunt: "Run away!"

Alice and the Hellbringers quickly eliminate them. Alice moves to the east, where she encounters some garrisoned troops and quickly eliminates them.

Behind the Garrison, there are Four Warthogs parked with their crews held prison. Jump Pack Brutes attack.

  • Alice-130: "Jump Pack Brutes! Keep your distance, and if you see them fly, get get outta the way before they land!"
  • Banished: "Take no prisoners this time!"

The UNSC clears the area of garrisoned Banished units and Jump Pack Brutes before freeing the Warthog crews.

  • Alice-130: "Okay, soldiers. Saddle up. We're gonna need those Warthogs."

The crew mount the Warthogs and are back in action. After regrouping with Alice, they push on ahead to the last compound, where three Cyclops are held captive.

  • Alice-130: "You know the drill team, don't spare the ammo."

Alice and the prisoners defeat the prison guards and break the device. However, two Huragok appear and repair the device.

Alice and the Warthogs eliminate the Huragok before breaking the prison cell, freeing the Cyclops from it.

  • Alice-130: "Hope you kept that Cyclops armor in the good shape. Now that we've got everyone, it's time to call home."

Three Choppers immediately arrive on the scene. The Cyclopes move to eliminate them.

  • Alice-130: "We can't call the Spirit of Fire on unsecured channels so we need to take control of the old research post here. Let's roll out."

Alice and UNSC prisoners advances to the old research post and once Alice reaches there, she calls Spirit of Fire for extraction.

  • Alice-130: "Spirit of Fire Actual, this is Alice One-Three-Zero reporting in."
  • Captain Cutter: "Good to hear from you, Alice. How did you make it out?"
  • Alice-130: "Commandeered an enemy vehicle, sir. I've rescued some of our troops and we're ready to get back in the fight."
  • Captain Cutter: "Isabel's got your signal and we're sending in Pelicans to extract you. But she's also intercepted enemy chatter. The Banished are heading to your position now."
  • Alice-130: "We'll hold the line until extraction, sir."
  • Captain Cutter: "It's too hot for a complete base drop, but the Spirit of Fire is standing by to lend support."

The subtitle says, "We'll make do, sir. Thanks. Alice out." while she speak thanks first before finishing the sentences.

  • Alice-130: "Thanks. We'll make do, sir. Alice out."

Alice and the UNSC prisoners immediately set up a defensive perimeter to hold the line for extraction.

  • Isabel: "Alice, I have turrets ready to deploy to help shore up your defenses."

The Banished start attacking the research post and the UNSC holds them back. After a while, Hunters begin arriving.

If Alice takes damage to half of her Health Points.

  • Captan Cutter: "You're in need of a damage control, One-Three-Zero. Make use of Spirit of Fire Restoration drones."

If Alice doesn't regenerate her Health Points immediately.

  • Captain Cutter: "The Spirit of Fire's Restoration drones are online for you, Alice."

The Banished dispatch Marauders and Wraiths to attack Alice and the prisoners. After repelling them, Alice asks for the remaining time.

  • Alice-130: "Spirit of Fire Actual, it's getting pretty busy down here, do we have an ETA on that extraction?"
  • Captain Cutter: "Almost there, Spartan. I just need you to hold on a little longer."

The Banished sends more Hunters and Sangheili Rangers to the location, but Alice and the prisoners quickly defeat them.

More Banished, including Jump Pack Brutes, start attacking the Research Post. The UNSC prisoners quickly defeat them.

{In-game Cutscene}

More Banished troops arrive. Two Blisterbacks lands, ready to suppress the UNSC prisoners while Alice and the prisoners keep holding them off.

  • Alice-130: "Spirit of Fire Actual, they're throwing everything at us!"
  • Captain Cutter: "Isabel! Launch Archer missiles, now!"

The Archer missiles annihilates those who engage the UNSC, but it doesn't stop the Banished from coming. Two Pelicans arrive for extraction.

  • Alice-130: "That's not going to hold them back, sir!"

More Archer missiles destroy Banished reinforcements. Alice and the rescued UNSC forces make it inside, and the Pelicans fly away from the extraction point.

The Pelicans then fly to another battlefield .

  • Alice-130: "Close call. Where are we headed next, sir?"
  • Captain Cutter: "I'm putting those troops under your command so you can continue hit and run operations against the Banished. How would you like to cause them more trouble."
  • Alice-130: "Well, I know I'm staying... Only one question, sir. Who are the Banished?"

Alice dismounts from the Pelican and it flies away, leaving Alice alone on the battlefield to lead the Hit and Run operation.

  • Captain Cutter: "I'll get Isabel to put a briefing package together for you so you can catch up. Good hunting."

Level Ends

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Leader powers[edit]

  • Restoration Drones I and II (picked I by default)
  • Archer Missiles I
  • Lotus Mine I
  • Battle Hardened I (picked by default)

Initial units[edit]

  • Alice-130
  • 2000 Supply
  • 325 Power



  • During the level, the player has very limited resources and can only gain them by destroying the Banished's Silos and salvaging their resources.
  • Despite what the dialogue suggests, it is still possible to use Restoration Drones to heal friendly units before reaching the outpost.
  • On higher difficulties, it's best to let Alice kill most of the enemy units to build up her veterancy, which will help her last longer and do more damage.
  • It may not always be necessary to heal Alice's hijacked vehicle, as she can quickly hijack another Banished vehicle, which effectively removes an enemy unit from play while bolstering friendly forces.

Bonus and Optional Objectives[edit]

  • Try to keep the rescued units alive as they are key to at least one optional objective.
    • Keep Alice just slightly ahead of the other units, so enemies will fire at her instead of the rescued prisoners. Her rechargeable energy shields would save her from taking any health damage as long as the enemies are defeated before her shields are fully drained. This also helps the player save up resources for leader powers or turrets at the outpost rather than using Restoration Drones.
    • If the enemy units are attacking a unit other than Alice, command the friendly unit to fall back so Alice becomes the only target for the enemy.
    • Put infantry units in garrisons whenever possible. The Hellbringers may have limited range when garrisoned at the outpost, but they can draw vehicle fire while Cyclopes counter the vehicles.
  • Despite the wording which suggests the player must gather the resources from the silos, the objective actually tracks the number of silos being destroyed. That being said, it is recommended to collect as many resources as possible before moving to the outpost; in practice, this means the player must clean the entire map of hostiles and silos.
    • Outside of the outpost which contains 4 Silos in the back, there are 12 Silos scattered around the map. Make sure 12 Silos have been destroyed before moving into the outpost. Players should have 2,540 Supplies and 580 Power before reaching the outpost.
    • The gathered resources will be important for calling in Lotus Mine and Archer Missiles for their respective Bonus Objectives.
  • Keep in mind that Alice must not take damage more than 50% of her health.
  • The fleeing Grunt is part of the Banished squad northeast from the northwest group of prisoners (two Hellbringer units).
    • Approaching the the northwest group of prisoners from the northeast will likely cause Alice and any friendly units to attack and destroy the squad before the optional objective is discovered, which in turn makes it impossible to complete the objective unless the player restarts the mission.
    • Rescue the northeast group of prisoners (8 marines which creates 4 Warthogs) first will give the player Warthogs to chase down the fleeing Grunt.
    • The fleeing Grunt moves as fast as Alice, but using Spartan Slam may help reduce the distance.
  • Move heavily damaged units to the back of the outpost to prevent losing more than four rescued units.



  • The Bountiful Harvest skull is awarded upon level completion for losing no more than four friendly units.
  • This map shares its geometry with the multiplayer map Rift.


  • The Warthogs that Alice-130 rescues are equipped with M68 Gauss cannons in the level's final cutscene, despite being armed with the standard M46 Vulcan in gameplay.
  • In the final cutscene, Marine squads are shown despite never appearing in the level aside from one Marine squad given at the beginning when playing co-op.


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