Lotus anti-tank mine

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Three Lotus anti-tank mines on Halo Wars 2 campaign level One Three Zero.
Lotus mines deployed on Installation 00 during the Second Ark Conflict in 2559.

The Lotus anti-tank mine (sometimes stylized as LOTUS anti-tank mine), or Lotus mine for short,[1] is a type of UNSC area-denial mine ordnance.[2]


The Lotus anti-tank mine is a shaped charge.[2] Its appearance is flower-like,[1] being a disk that is approximately 25 centimeters across with spikes along the rim to stabilize it when buried.[3]

The mine may be triggered in a number of ways. Equipped with a proximity detectors,[4] the Lotus mine is effective against lower hovering vehicles, such as those used by the Covenant. The sensor may also be enabled remotely,[2] while its sensitivity can be altered for use against infantry.[2][4] The mine also has a countdown mode.[3] The mine itself is powerful enough to penetrate the armor of a Scorpion tank.[1][2]


Halo Wars 2[edit]

The Lotus mines appear in Halo Wars 2 as a leader ability for certain UNSC leaders and as a constructible fortification for all UNSC leaders in Terminus Firefight.

Leader ability[edit]

  • Lotus Mines I
    • Info: Activate to drop a line of cloaked mines. Once armed, mines explode on contact. Does not damage air units.
    • Tier: 1 (Captain Cutter & Isabel), 2 (Anders & Forge)
    • Cost: Supplies 25, Power 100
    • Cooldown: 105 seconds
    • Upgrade: Increases damage and explosion size of Lotus Mines.(Isabel & Anders)
  • Lotus Mines II
    • Info: Activate to drop a line of cloaked mines. Once armed, mines explode on contact. Does not damage air units.
    • Tier: 1 (Isabel), 2 (Anders)
    • Cost: Supplies 50, Power 200
    • Cooldown: 105 seconds

In Halo Wars 2, Lotus Mines is a leader power available to Captain Cutter, Isabel, Anders, and Forge. Whereas it is a Tier 1 leader power for Captain Cutter and Isabel, it is a Tier 2 leader power for Anders and Forge. Furthermore, Isabel and Anders can upgrade to Lotus Mines II, which has increased damage and explosion size.

When activated, three mines are deployed to the targeted location in a linear pattern; rotating the camera allows the player to rotate the pattern’s orientation. Each mine is cloaked shortly after being deployed, and will detonate when enemy ground units enter its proximity.

Serina and Commander Jerome have their own analogues for the Lotus Mines: Cryogenic Detonator and Victory Mines, respectively.

Terminus Firefight barricade[edit]

The Lotus Minefield fortification in Terminus Firefight.
  • Lotus Minefield
    • Info: Creates a disposable patch of lotus mines. The slot becomes available once all mines have detonated.
    • Tier: 1
    • Cost: Supplies 100, Power 50
    • Building time: 21 seconds

In Terminus Firefight, the Lotus Minefield can be constructed by all UNSC leaders on barricade slots on The Last Bastion.


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