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"Copy that. Somebody get a satchel on the gate!"
— Sergeant Avery J. Johnson[1]
A pair of satchel charges.

A satchel charge is a demolitions device, primarily intended for use in combat. They have been utilized by the United Nations Space Command.


Marines use satchel charges to clear large, reinforced doors, or obstacles out of the way, although they are also often used as offensive weapons to dislodge dug-in enemy troops.

Spartan-IIs Vinh-030 and Isaac-039 used satchel charges during the Fall of Reach to hold back the Covenant entering ONI's CASTLE Base, giving the others time to retreat further into the base. However, they disappeared in the blast and were presumed dead.[2]

During Operation: SPEARBREAKER, satchel charges dropped from AV-14 Hornets were used by forces from the UNSC Spirit of Fire to destroy a Forerunner Despair-class fighter to keep the Banished from using it against the ship.[3]

Production notes[edit]

Satchel charges were one of a number of weapons considered for inclusion in Halo 2, though ultimately cut. The satchel charge is one such weapon mentioned in design documentation, though its intended gameplay in-game is unknown.[4]

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