M1011 Moray space mine

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M1011 Moray space mine
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Remote or proximity-detonated explosives[1]

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The M1011 Moray space mine is an explosive naval weapon employed by the United Nations Space Command for use in deep-space combat.[2]


Design details[edit]

Moray space mines carry a high explosive payload and small chemical propellant drives that allow them to track specific targets or maintain a pre-defined coordinate location in space. The system for deploying these mines can be controlled from within the launch craft, with up to three dozen mines coming equipped on a single mine rack.[1]


Moray space mines are equipped aboard smaller prowlers and large strikecraft as a deployable ordnance, similar to the nuclear-capable M441 Hornet space mines on larger prowlers. They may be equipped on C718[2] and C709 Longsword fighters, with the latter requiring removal of the fighter's cryo chamber for the mine rack installation.[1]

Winter-class prowlers are equipped with a single, aft-mounted CBU-R68 Moray mine rack as a secondary armaments. It is unclear whether the CBU-R68 designation refers to a new model of Moray mine, or the launching system itself.[3][4][5]

Operational history[edit]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

During the assault on Ascendant Justice, Morays were used to destroy the ship's Seraph fighters making way for a Longsword to land on the Covenant ship. They may also have adhesive or magnetic quality to them as they were able to be attached to a remote piloted Pelican and later deployed from it.[1]

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