M39 rocket turret

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M39 Rocket Turret
Production overview


Vehicle-mounted turret


Ammunition type:

M19 surface-to-surface missile



Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War


The M39 102mm SC-HE Shaped Charge-High Explosive Rocket Turret is a UNSC Armed Forces vehicle-mounted armament, used primarily on the M12A1 Warthog.[1] The armament is basically a triple-barreled M41 rocket launcher.


The M39 rocket turret is painted black, with some sort of motion tracking systems facing the gunner. The turret is apparently magazine-fed, due to the presence of a magazine mounted on the left side of the launcher, as well as a pair of identical magazines stored on the turret's base.

When fired, the turret launches three M19 102mm surface-to-surface missiles. Each reload cycle of the 102mm SC-HE rocket turret consumes four seconds, which is vital in combat situations. Presumably, it has an automatic reload system as the gunner does not have to do anything during the reload cycle. Partial reloads, when only one or two rockets have been fired, are also available, but will still use up the entire reload cycle - there is no time difference between reloading an empty launcher or a launcher with one rocket left. The carriage of the M39 rocket turret resembles the M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun to some extent, most notably due to the shield and arm braces.


While the M39 rocket turret does heavy damage, frequently killing infantry and vehicle crewmembers in a single shot, learning to hit moving targets when the Warthog itself is in motion requires practice as well as precise timing and aim. Players must take into account the flight time of the rocket, the motion of both the target and the shooter, as well as server lag in order to fire accurately. Constantly, the shots will go wide when fired in too close succession or fly too low when the Warthog is in midair, thus making this weapon less accurate than the LAAG. Mastery of the M39 Rocket Turret takes much longer than proficiency with the LAAG; Warthogs equipped with the LAAG can evade incoming rockets, then take advantage of the launcher's slow reload time to eliminate the helpless enemy. However, the rocket turret is quite an effective weapon if used correctly, and a skilled gunner and driver can become very dangerous in short-range vehicular combat. The gunner can also fire at masses of troops and, as well as vehicles, such as the Scorpion Tank, or the Banshee. As the rockets travel across the map, gunners can simply create a barrage of missiles from long range, suppressing opponents and forcing them to take cover. As with the LAAG, however, manning the turret leaves gunners extremely susceptible to sniper fire when the vehicle is still.


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