XGBU-302 bomb

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XBU-302 bomb
HW DisruptionBomb Flight.png
Production overview






Effective range:

3.4 kilometres[1]

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War


The XGBU-302 (Experimental Guided Bomb Unit), also known as the "disruption bomb", is an aircraft-delivered special-purpose weapon used by the United Nations Space Command.[1]


Disruption bombs are generally dropped from B-65 Shortsword bombers equipped with the M/RODAS delivery system. They acted in similar fashion to the much smaller power drain device, emitting a blue energy field that disrupts all electronic equipment within 3.4 kilometers of the detonation point. The bomb weighs 1,814 kilograms.[1]


In Halo Wars, the disruption bomb functions similarly to the power drain equipment from Halo 3, but instead of lowering enemy shields, it temporarily prevents any nearby Covenant leader units from using their special powers. The bomb can halt whatever power is being used at the moment for about one minute, and prevent any others from being activated within its active radius. The weapon can be called in from any UNSC leader for the price of 450 supplies. It is available only in multiplayer and skirmish modes.


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