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Were you also looking for the Brute landmine or the TR/9 Antipersonnel Mine from Halo 3?

This landmine is a stationary explosive device. In Halo: Reach, these landmines may be placed in Forge Mode. They serve as an integral part of the Race gametype.[1] It functions similarly to the TR/9 Antipersonnel Mine from Halo 3.


  • Landmines will typically appear in the Race gametype on most maps.
  • Landmines can be activated by proximity. If you drive close enough to one, it will explode after a short delay. This can be used to stop any player following close behind you.
  • The Landmine is able to kill a fully shielded player, unlike the Trip Mine, which only takes out a player's shields.
  • Unlike the Trip Mine, the Landmine is not activated solely by motion. Thus, trying to crouch walk slowly over a Landmine will detonate it.
    • Oddly enough, however, Evading over a trip mine will not detonate it, and the mine may even be thrown into the air from the impact.
  • In Halo 2: Anniversary Forge features an EMP variant of the landmine.


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