M260 Multiple Launch Rocket System

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An M260 mounted on a Wolverine.

The M260 Multiple Launch Rocket System is a rocket launcher mounted on the M9 Wolverine Main Anti-Aircraft Tank, complementing the vehicle's secondary XM511 Heavy Grenade Launcher.


The M260 Multiple Launch Rocket System is a development of the General Support Rocket Systems that have served alongside main battle tanks since the mid-20th century.[1]

This weapon possesses two pods of Argent V surface-to-air missiles that are located on either side of the driver and gunner seats; the weapon can be upgraded with two additional, smaller pods. These missiles are specialized to target and deliver their warhead to an aircraft with great speed and maneuverability. The missile pods are quite large and can be reloaded via a mechanical system in the Wolverine, which stores a small supply of missiles onboard.[2][1]

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