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This article is about the starship weapon. For propulsion system, see Fusion drive.

Fusion rockets, or fusion missiles, are a type of ordnance used by the United Nations Space Command that uses a scaled-down fusion drive for thrust. While unguided, they can reach immense velocities in seconds because of their low mass. Only one-third of human vessels carry such weapons and there are never more than three fusion rockets aboard a vessel because of the prohibitive cost of building the fusion propulsion system. Additionally, these rockets proved to be inefficient against Covenant energy shielding, and are considered impractical because of their lack of a guidance system. The UNSC typically used these to lay waste to relatively stationary targets, such as orbiting space stations.[1]

There are multiple kinds of fusion rocket used by the UNSC. One of the most prominent is the Bident missile notably used on Epoch-class heavy carriers,. Bident missiles typically use a nuclear-pumped x-ray laser warhead, though can be swapped out with a variety of other options.[2] The M4093 Hyperion nuclear missile may also be a fusion rocket, owing to its immense size and strategic-level usage. Three Hyperions are carried in the internal silos of a Strident-class heavy frigate.[3]

Other vessels known to carry fusion rockets include the unidentified UNSC carrier class, boasting two such weapons,[4] and the Marathon-class heavy cruiser - boasting five.[5]


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