Unidentified UNSC explosive

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Unidentified UNSC explosive
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Explosives device


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Service history
"Det-charge link is loud and clear!"

This unidentified explosive charge is a United Nations Space Command explosive device.[2]


In both design and use, this explosive is very similar to the M168 Demolition Charge. The explosive is comprised of the explosive pack, the charge and the arming handle as well as a keypad. Due to its nature of destroying or clearing larger structures, it is not used on enemy infantry, but to destroy structures such as a Covenant stealth pylon.

After placing the explosive on the targeted structure, one can use a remote detonator to activate the explosive.

Operational history[edit]

The only known instance that this explosive was used was during the early battles in the Fall of Reach. On the night before August 12, 2552, Spartan-III commando Jun-A266, operating as Recon Team Bravo with Spartan-B312, placed one such explosive charge on a Covenant stealth pylon.[2]

On August 12, 2552, during a UNSC convoy charge into the Viery Territory, another Spartan-III commando, Kat-B320, activated the charge remotely while driving a Warthog, destroying the Covenant pylon.[1]


It is impossible to take a picture of this explosive deactivated while in Jun's hands using Theater Mode. Whenever a still is taken, it always disappears from the final shot.


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