Stealth pylon

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A stealth pylon at Szurdok Ridge on Reach.

A stealth pylon is a piece of Covenant technology that is capable of hiding large areas from sensors.


The pylon is a large tower-like object with a revolving head that releases a pink glow every few seconds. They are supported by three tripod-like legs, which each contain the pylon's energy supply systems. Underside of the pylon is a gravity lift which can lift personnel up to the main level which mounts three plasma turrets for defense.

Banished Cloaking Generators are reverse-engineered from Covenant stealth pylons.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Several stealth pylons were used in the Viery Territory during the opening stages of the Fall of Reach to shield large Covenant deployments. One such pylon was discovered by Jun-A266 and SPARTAN-B312 during a reconnaissance mission to Szurdok Ridge. Jun planted a remote detonator charge on the pylon.[2] The next day, when a UNSC strike force moved in to attack the Covenant landing zone, Catherine-B320 triggered the charge, destroying the pylon.[3]


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