Szurdok Ridge

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Satellite image of Szurdok Ridge.

Szurdok Ridge was a mountainous ridge in Ütközet, Viery Territory on the human Inner Colony world of Reach.[1][2]



A river on top of the ridge housed a large hydroelectric power plant that provided energy for Reach's inhabitants.[2] A BXR Mining facility was also in the region.[1]


Human-Covenant war[edit]

Close-up satellite image observing UNSC and Covenant forces in Szurdok Ridge

In the August 2552, a portion of Noble Team was sent to scout a Covenant "dark zone" at Szurdok Ridge during the Fall of Reach. There they discovered that the area was being used as a staging ground for their forces to invade the planet.[2]

The next day a large battle between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant took place on the ridge. UNSC forces would eventually make their way to Spire One. There, the Sh'wada-pattern supercarrier would destroy the UNSC Grafton, sending its wreckage into the ground.[1]


During Operation: WOLFE, Banished forces were sent to scout Szurdok Ridge.[3]


  • "Szurdok" is the Hungarian word for "canyon". Hence the name, "Szurdok Ridge" sounds like a narrow trench or "Ridge".
  • Szurduk is a commune in present-day Romania.


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