Ütközet hydroelectric power plant

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A view of the power plant

There was a large hydroelectric power plant on the Szurdok Ridge at Ütközet in the Viery Territory on planet Reach. The facility provided electricity for every settlement in the territory.[1][2]


The main complex of the power plant was located in a barren and mountainous region of Reach, on a mountain ridge overlooking a desert basin. Circa 2507,[2] a large river that had previously run down from the plateau to the basin was harnessed by Reach's settlers to produce energy, with a dam constructed in a narrow canyon not far from the cliff edge. With the dam in place, most of the river's former bed below it had turned into dry land, where the power station had also been constructed. The power station itself followed the general architectural direction of Reach's pioneer structures; it was composed of multiple rounded sections of structures and built mostly of concrete.[1]

A small fraction of the river ran through the facility, down to the bottom of the basin, where the river had eroded a wide and deep canyon, which now had water only in its very bottom. The river had also been impounded further downstream to the southwest to form a large water reservoir.[3]


The power plant is encountered during the Halo: Reach campaign level Nightfall, where the player must provide cover for Jun-A266 while he sets an explosive charge on a Covenant stealth pylon. The same area is also the location of the multiplayer map Powerhouse.


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