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26th century

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2507 was a year in the 2500s in the 26th century.





  • Doctoral candidate Catherine Halsey meets Dr. Elias Carver at an academic social mixer. Halsey attempts to correct his formula for "the matrix mechanics of the socio-and politico-economic vectors of human expansion" for which he had used only 7 dimensional parameters in his calculations; Halsey claims he needed 16. Carver does not appreciate being challenged by a young upstart.[2]
  • Three weeks later the UNSC approves Halsey's grant proposal for Artificial Intelligence control for N-dimensional matrices, under the provision that she first successfully test a model of their choosing, which is Carver's. It is by testing this model, using both Carver's and her own dimensional parameters, that Halsey is convinced to join the UNSC and work to end the Insurrection.[2]
  • A river in Ütközet on planet Reach is dammed by settlers to run through a nearby hydroelectric power plant. Part of the river eventually dries, leaving only the bed, though a reservoir is created at the river's head.[3]
  • Roggan becomes the captain of the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[4]
  • Construction of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn begins.[5][Note 1]
  • Hugo Barton is born.


  1. ^ In a pre-release version of Halo: Warfleet, page 25, the date the Pillar of Autumn started construction was narrowed down to "January 14, 2507", but as this date was cut from the final product this puts the information into question.


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