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Halo Wars Limited Edition

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The cover art of the Limited Edition

The Halo Wars Limited Edition is a retail version of Halo Wars, which includes items not featured in the standard version.[1] The cover depicts the Arbiter, who is the Covenant commander in the game, flanked by two Sangheili guards and followed by a massive formation. If the cover is flipped, the backside of the case is identical to the front of the regular edition of Halo Wars, with three Spartans backed by a large UNSC force of marines, vehicles, and aircraft of varying types.


Purchase of Halo Wars: Limited Edition comes with the following:

Regional issues[edit]

If one buys the LCE in a country in which Xbox Live isn't available, it is impossible to get the Mythic Map Pack, Honor Guard Wraith, and the 48 Hour Gold Trial. This is due to the fact that all this requires the player to go on Xbox Live, which in those countries is unavailable.


Covenant leader profiles[edit]

UNSC leader profiles[edit]