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Halo 4 Limited Edition case.

The Halo 4 Limited Edition is a limited edition of Halo 4 which costs $99.99 USD in the United States at time of release.[1] It contains additional content not found in the standard edition. Unlike Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, the Halo 4 Limited Edition is the ultimate and only special edition. No Legendary Edition will be released, due to 343 Industries not wanting consumers to have to choose which version-specific ancillary items they would receive.[1]


The limited edition is presented in a large, minimalistic gray case that is adorned with the updated UNSC emblem and a serial number; the game itself is included in a smaller steelbook case that features similar artwork to the larger case and is embossed with decorative patterns. Similar to the framing story behind the Halo: Reach Limited and Legendary editions, (in which a Beta-5 Division operative sends the contents of the package to his cousin), the Halo 4 Limited Edition offers the conceit that its contents are the property of Gabriel Thorne, a SPARTAN-IV assigned to the Infinity.[2] The contents include:[1]

  • Halo 4 game disc and manual.
  • War Games map pack - pre-paid access to future Halo 4 DLC, nine maps over three map packs to be released in the months following the game's launch, along with the Strider helmet and the Scanner helmet. Details and release dates for said map packs will be announced post-launch.
  • Specializations - early access to six specializations available on Xbox LIVE at launch. Specializations include items such as armor abilities and armor customization.
  • Infinity Briefing Packet - includes a Spartan armor customization schematic, information about UNSC weapons, an introduction to the UNSC Infinity, and insight into the SPARTAN-IVs.
  • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Special Edition - a 90-minute extended version of the live-action digital series, with additional digital content including in-fiction content for canon elements that enhances the film's characters and events, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and a special featurette, "Bringing Gaming into Reality". The videos are streamed through the Xbox 360 Halo Waypoint application and are unlocked by an add-on download code.
  • Bonus digital content: exclusive in-game Recruit armor skin, Recruit armor for Xbox LIVE Avatar, weapon skin for MA5D assault rifle, Cryotube Avatar prop, in-game unique emblem.


  • Unlike the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition, these are all uniquely numbered according to the order they came off the assembly line. [3]
  • The limited edition case appears in the Dawn level as UNSC cases of some sort scattered about the ship.