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"What's a Specialist? A Spartan who has gone above and beyond, honing their skills to achieve new levels of combat artistry. You may be handy with a sniper rifle, but a Specialist can shoot from the hip and still put a round between a target's eyes three clicks away on a windy, moonless night."
Commander Sarah Palmer[1]

Specializations are higher skills that Spartan-IV super-soldiers can achieve by using armor mods and cutting-edge technology. On the UNSC Infinity, Commander Sarah Palmer requests level 50 rates in War Games.[2] In Halo 4, Specializations are unique armor enhancements. Six specializations were made immediately available on Xbox LIVE to those who purchased the Halo 4 Limited Edition bundle while two were available with the standard game.[3][4]


Specializations are unlocked after completing the first fifty levels in Halo 4. Upon unlocking specializations, the player must choose one to advance through before they can select another. Each specialization consist of rank paths which are composed of 10 levels each. Armor sets, emblems, visor colors, weapon and armor skins, and armor mods are unlocked along those paths. Armor mods work similar to tactical packages and support upgrades and, are not tied directly to a specific armor for that specialization which means a player doesn't have to wear that armor to use that particular mod.[4]

List of specializations[edit]


The Engineer specialization optimizes a Spartan for the subversion and repair and reconstitution of a wide range of technology regardless of origin[4].

  • Armor mod: Drop Recon: The Drop Recon armor mod allows a player to predict the location and time of an Ordnance Drop via an external suborbital monitoring system. Also it identifies what weapon the ordnance contains. Gameplay-wise the player will see the waypoint of the ordnance's arrival location and weapon-type prior to the weapon entering the game. (Support upgrade)
  • Visor: Engineer pink/purple/blue visor
  • Armor: Engineer armor set, Engineer armor set EDGE (EDGE) variant.
  • Weapon skin: Suppressor SHATTER (SHA) weapon skin


The Operator specialization optimizes the operation and control of vehicles[4].

  • Armor mod: Wheelman: The Wheelman armor mod draws more stamina and durability out of a vehicle they are operating. Overall it lessens the effects of an overcharged Plasma pistol burst to a vehicle thus reducing the likelihood of getting hijacked. (Tactical package)
  • Visor: Operator: light purple visor
  • Armor: Operator armor set, Operator armor set SURFACE (SRFC) variant
  • Weapon skin: Magnum STATIC (STC) weapon skin


The Pathfinder specialization optimizes unconventional deployment within unknown enemy territory and with no assistance[4].

  • Armor mod: Gunner: The Gunner armor mod decreases the time of weapon overheat when occupying a vehicle weapon or mounted anti-infantry gun and increases a player's speed while carrying a detached turret. (Support upgrade)
  • Visor: Pathfinder orange/green visor
  • Armor: Pathfinder armor set, Pathfinder armor set CORE variant
  • Weapon skin: Assault Rifle PREDATOR (PRD) weapon skin


The Pioneer specialization optimizes a Spartan for deployment into unknown, hostile territory for the purpose of gathering and relaying intelligence[4].

  • Armor mod: Fast Track: The Fast Track armor mod allows the player to gain more data from each account effectively ranking up quicker. In gameplay the mod modifies the amount of experience earned per kill and gives the player more post-game experience. However it can't be changed at the end of a game, otherwise the player will not gain more experience for an entire match. (Tactical package)
  • Visor: Pioneer sky blue visor
  • Armor: Pioneer armor set, Pioneer armor set ADEPT (ADPT) variant
  • Weapon skin: Plasma Pistol FRACTURE (FTC) weapon skin


The Rogue specialization optimizes a Spartan for single-operative missions which require lone deployment for incredibly long durations of time[4].

  • Armor mod: Stability: The Stability armor mod allows Players to increase their aiming stability when being fired upon. Overall it makes the player flinch less when under fire thus allowing a steady aim on target. (Support upgrade)
  • Visor: Rogue purple/red visor
  • Armor: Rogue armor set, Rogue armor set FOCUS (FCUS) variant
  • Weapon skin: Carbine REIGN (RGN) weapon skin


The Stalker specialization optimizes a Spartan for target shadowing missions while operating at close range to the target itself[4].

  • Armor mod: Nemesis: The Nemesis armor mod allows player's to target and track down enemies who previously attacked them, highlighting the enemy on their motion sensor. The HUD shows the last person who killed the player allowing said player to get revenge or avoid that enemy. (Support upgrade)
  • Visor: Stalker yellow/green visor
  • Armor: Stalker armor set, Stalker armor set CRUSH (CRSH) variant
  • Weapon skin: Battle Rifle DUNES (DNE) weapon skin


The Tracker specialization optimizes a Spartan for long-range target tracking in unconventional scenarios[4].

  • Armor mod: Requisition: The Requisition armor mod allows players the ability to recall their own ordnance requests in order to acquire more helpful weapons in the field. When selecting ordnance they've received, the player can request a new random selection of choices that better suits them. (Tactical package)
  • Visor: Tracker purple visor
  • Armor: Tracker armor set, Tracker armor set ADROIT (ADRT) variant.
  • Weapon skin: Boltshot PISTON (PST) weapon skin


The Wetwork specialization optimizes a Spartan for stealth operations[4].

  • Armor mod: Stealth: The Stealth armor mod allows players to move faster than normal and execute assassinations quicker. The mod dampens the sound of sprinting, allows for faster animation of assassinations reducing a player's vulnerability, and reduces a player's red profile to a red outline of themselves when being viewed through Promethean vision. (Support upgrade)
  • Visor: Wetwork blue/orange visor
  • Armor: Wetwork armor set, Wetwork armor set SHARD (SHRD) variant
  • Weapon skin: DMR NOBLE (NBL) weapon skin


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